Claiming For Someone Else

Every year, Watermans handles a wide variety of different types of claims for compensation following accidents. So it’s not unusual for us to be involved in cases where the person making the claim wasn’t the person involved in the accident.

For example, we handle situations where parents are acting on behalf of an injured child. We also see many occasions where people have suffered serious injury and have become incapacitated as a result. Sadly, some accidents can be fatal and this can lead to a claim by the victim’s family.

In these types of circumstances, we work closely with members of the family (usually parents or a spouse) to ensure that any claim is progressed swiftly and that any requirements for specialist medical assistance can be assessed as early as possible.

If you need advice on claiming for someone else following an accident that wasn’t the victim’s fault, you should contact us right away, our claims team will deal with your enquiry in the strictest confidence and help you work out whether there’s a case for compensation.

What happens when I make a claim for someone else?

We’ll start by looking closely at the details of your case. We have a team of expert solicitors and medical specialists and they are well experienced in dealing with claims on behalf of another person. To get the process started, you can email, call or fill in our online form.

Importantly, each claim is investigated on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis that ensures you are never out of pocket.

How long will it take to make a claim?

There’s no set time for the completion of a claim for compensation – it all depends on the circumstances. You can be assured, however, that we’ll keep you up-to-date as the claim progresses.

Will I win my case?

If your case goes ahead, you’ll have a very good chance of winning. We’ve dealt with more than 20,000 successful claims in recent years. In fact, we only deals with personal injury cases and all our resources are spent on helping our clients win the compensation they deserve.

Our personal injury compensation calculator shows how much you could be able to claim on behalf of your loved one.

You only have 3 years to claim from the time that the accident happened so it’s important that you get the claims process underway as quickly as possible.