Sexual Abuse Claims

If you have experienced sexual abuse, it may seem daunting to think about seeking compensation for your suffering. No sexual abuse claim will ever eradicate your suffering, but it may help in starting a new life chapter for you.

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The Short of it

  • The trauma suffered as a result of sexual abuse is long-lasting and severely damaging for an individual,

    and victims are entitled to claim for compensation.

  • Whilst no financial compensation will ever make up for the trauma experienced by a victim,

    it can help towards improving the victim's life.

  • At Watermans, we employ a team of expert solicitors,

    who have experience in handling sexual abuse claims in a sensitive and confidential manner.

  • Everything we do at Watermans is about getting you the resolution you need

    and providing Straightforward legal advice. It should be that simple.

  • The Long of it

    Sexual abuse cases

    Sexual abuse claims

    If you or a loved one have suffered as a result of being sexually abused, then it is important that you speak to someone who is experienced in these matters. Victims of sexual abuse are often left feeling vulnerable, violated and unsure of what to do next. We are here to help.

    At Watermans, our specialist abuse injury solicitors are experienced in handling sexual abuse claims. We realise the severity of the situation, and everything is handled sensitively and confidentially. We have the experience necessary to help survivors of sexual abuse, and can refer you to dedicated support organisations to aid in your physical and psychological recovery.

    Sexual abuse claims can be made against social services, the individual who committed the abuse or even employers who are responsible for the person who committed the abuse.

    We understand that even coming close to recovery after sexual abuse can be a long and daunting process, so we are here with you every step of the way, taking as much time as you need to make your compensation claim against the responsible party.

    Making a claim

    How do I make a sexual abuse claim?

    Sexual abuse claims are highly complex and emotional issues, and we understand the bravery that it takes to stand up against your abuser and make your claim.

    At Watermans, we handle each sexual abuse claim sensitively and confidentially. We take care of the legal side of things, so that you can concentrate on gaining control over your life again. Our trusted and expert solicitors are here to help you step by step, seeking the compensation that you deserve.

    We operate on a no win no fee basis, meaning that if we don’t succeed in winning your case, then you don’t have to pay any solicitors fees. We understand how difficult these situations can be for you, and we handle the legal process so that you don’t have to.

    Financial compensation will never remove the effects of sexual abuse and these will remain with you for the rest of your life. The compensation is designed to help you move on from this traumatic experience and improve aspects of your life.

    How much compensation?

    How much compensation for a sexual abuse claim?

    As with all compensation claims, the amount of money you may receive will vary for each case. We fully investigate each case we work on to make sure that we get the maximum amount of compensation possible for you.

    Why Watermans?

    Why should I choose Watermans to pursue my claim?

    At Watermans, we understand the severity of your situation. Suffering from the effects of abuse is harrowing, and the mental scars last a lifetime. Our aim is to work in partnership with you, to help you to seek the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

    We understand that financial compensation will never make up for the affects you have suffered as a victim of abuse. The compensation is designed to help you to move on from this experience and improve your future.

    Our personal injury solicitors know how important it is for you to trust your legal team, and we offer straightforward, clear legal advice in relation to your case, so that you are fully informed every step of the way. We are committed to seeking the best possible resolution for you and handle all information relating to your case sensitively and carefully.

    We represent thousands of clients throughout Scotland each year, securing millions of pounds in compensation for our clients. We also work on a no win a fee basis, which means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t end up out of pocket.


    Straightforward Legal Advice

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    The figures quoted are a rough guide to show you the amount you could receive as compensation for your injury. Our solicitors will advise you in more detail about your specific claim.

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