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Spinal injuries are devastating, and the chances of a full recovery are usually pretty slim. If your injuries were sustained due to the negligence of others, you may be eligible for spinal injury claims.

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The Short of It

  • If you have sustained a spinal cord injury

    that was not your fault within the last three years, you could be entitled to compensation.

  • Spinal injuries can be devastating for you and your loved ones.

    At Watermans, we understand the financial, psychological and emotional effects spinal injuries can have on you.

  • Our specialised personal injury team are skilled

    in working with serious injury claims. A spinal cord injury solicitor will help you achieve the emotional and financial results you deserve.

  • Everything we do at Watermans is about getting you the resolution you need

    and providing straightforward legal advice. It should be that simple.

  • The Long of It

    Spinal Injuries

    What you need to know about spinal injury claims

    Spinal cord injuries can prove life-changing and be devastating for you and your loved ones. In some cases, the damage can last a lifetime, and you may even fall victim to some form of paralysis.

    The damage to an individual is just as much psychological and emotional as it is physical. Additionally, our spinal injury claims team is aware of how expensive medical expenses can be and what a burden they can place on you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to file spinal injury claims as soon as possible, so the negligent party is held accountable for their actions and you are financially compensated accordingly.

    We understand that spinal injuries may have a significant impact on your life and can result in long-term or permanent implications, including your ability to work and specialist care requirements. Spinal injury compensation claims exist to support your journey moving forward and protect your financial future, and a spinal injury solicitor can help simplify the process.

    How spinal injuries occur

    Spinal injuries can occur as a result of the following incidents:

    • A road traffic accident
    • General falls
    • Assault
    • Sporting accidents
    • Workplace accidents

    If you suffered from a spinal injury from an accident at work or elsewhere due to negligent behaviour, we will take care of the claim compensation process.

    Spinal injuries are extremely serious, and we understand the destruction they can cause to your daily life. With our specialist team here in Scotland, we work closely with you and your family to get fair spinal injury compensation. We are dedicated to making sure that your spinal injury claim process goes smoothly.

    Our lawyers receive ongoing training in all aspects of personal injury claims law, including courses accredited by spinal injury organisations. Our personal injury lawyers are well-equipped to help you receive the spinal injury compensation you are entitled to with a stress-free process.

    If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal injury that you were not responsible for, speak to us today to help you take steps to get your life back on track.

    Making a Claim

    How do I make a spinal injury claim?

    Making a claim for a serious back injury like one of the spinal cord may seem daunting and scary, but we are here to help. We take care of the legal side so that you and your loved ones can concentrate on the healing process, both physically and mentally.

    Having a spinal cord injury will affect your day-to-day life greatly. You may require around-the-clock care and modifications to your home and transport methods. All of these consequences will result in expensive bills like specialist rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, legal costs associated with court proceedings, and other support services.

    All of these changes can prove costly, but if you were injured because of someone else’s negligence, then perhaps you can relieve that financial burden by starting a compensation claim against them.

    If your accident has occurred within the last three years, then now may be your time to contact a spinal injury lawyer here at Watermans. We understand that every spinal cord accident is unique, and we put care and effort into securing the right compensation for you.

    The process starts with a free consultation with our spinal injury lawyers in Scotland. We’ll determine whether you are eligible to make a spinal cord injury compensation claim. From there, we take care of the entire legal process for you.

    Our expert personal injury solicitors are here to help. We can provide an effortless and professional service to get the result that you deserve during such a harrowing time. At Watermans, we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, meaning that you won’t be charged solicitors fees if we don’t succeed in winning your case.

    How Much Compensation?

    How much compensation for spinal injury can I claim?

    Spinal injuries will often attract very substantial compensation awards — and deservedly so. Claimants are entitled to be financially compensated not only for the physical pain and suffering of the injury itself but also for rehabilitation costs, specialist care and equipment and the cost of home modifications.

    Additionally, compensation for accidents leading to paralysis will be far higher due to the consequences suffered and the specialist care and support required by the injured person.

    Our experienced solicitors will advise on the complex issues of past and future wage loss and pension rights — often forming the largest part of the eventual financial settlement.

    We will also advise on interim payments that may be required to meet immediate costs, including specialist care, accommodation and equipment. We simplify the process of claiming spinal injury compensation in the UK to ensure that you get the money you deserve during these difficult times.

    When you hire a spinal injury claims solicitor from Watermans, we do our best to ensure your spinal cord injury claim is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.

    We are able to offer our spinal injury compensation claim clients private rehabilitation and medical care through our unique Total Care programme.

    Why Watermans?

    Why should I choose Watermans to pursue my spinal injury claims?

    Watermans make legal services look and feel easy so you can move forward in life.

    Watermans are your modern personal injury law firm in Scotland. Our expert team is committed to doing everything to make the claims process straightforward for our clients following an accident.

    We take the hassle from you and fight each case to secure the maximum level of compensation. We also provide access to a range of additional services, such as physiotherapy and psychological treatment, to ensure you recover from your injuries as soon as possible and get your life back on track.

    Specialist spinal injury solicitors

    Our expertise in personal injury covers a wide range of areas, including spinal injury compensation, accidents at workpublic liability claimsroad traffic accidentsfatal and serious injury claims and cases relating to child and historical abuse.

    We represent thousands of clients throughout Scotland each year, securing millions of pounds in compensation for our clients. We work on a no-win, no-fee basis, which means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t end up out of pocket.

    Spinal Injury Claims - FAQs

    If you’ve experienced spinal damage or paralysis due to spinal injury, compensation claims can be made by you or a loved one. Spinal injury solicitors can also help you receive compensation for car accident spinal injury claims where the other party involved is responsible.

    As with all personal injury claims, spinal cord injury claims have to be supported by evidence. You have to be able to prove that the other party was at fault or negligent in order to receive compensation, just as you would with any personal injury claims.

    Make sure you keep all your medical records and any evidence of spinal damage, and have another medical professional weigh in on the matter. Other evidence could be medical reports of your back injury and accident reports.

    Watermans recommends that you make spinal injury claims in the UK and seek spinal injury compensation coverage as soon as possible. To make a legal claim, you have to start the process within three years of the date you suffered a spinal injury. However, there are some exceptions to this rule:

    • Children suffering back injuries in the spinal column can claim up until the age of 21.
    • Injuries that occurred abroad may have a shorter time limit.
    • If you don’t have the mental capacity to make a claim, there is no time limit. Mental capacity in this context means a brain injury, learning disability, etc.

    If you suffered from a back injury abroad, you can still claim compensation. However, it’s best to reach out to our spinal cord injury solicitors to make a claim for spinal injury as soon as possible. This is because the time limit for making a spinal injury claim may be shorter with cases from abroad.

    The spinal cord injury compensation claims process can take quite a few years to reach a final settlement because we have to wait until your rehabilitation has ended and discover all that needs to be covered. If you settle your back injury claim too early, you risk your spinal injury worsening in the long term because you don’t yet understand all the support you require.

    Our specialist solicitors want to make sure all back injuries receive the right medical treatment and that you are offered maximum compensation for your spinal injury right from the initial consultation. This can take a few years.

    However, a person suffering from a back injury won’t have to wait years for all of the financial compensation; we can get interim payments while the case is ongoing in some cases.

    Spinal injuries have a life-changing impact and can alter your way of living in a number of different ways. Depending on your condition, there is a wide range of support services you may require.

    This could include ongoing private medical treatment, physiotherapy for your back injury, a wheelchair, therapy and more. We will do everything in our power to make sure you receive the full range of support services for your individual needs from your spinal injury compensation claim.

    At Watermans, we work hard for our clients to ensure their spine injury compensation claims are successful. Sadly, sometimes there simply is not enough evidence. In the instance that there are no spinal injury settlements and you lose the case, you will not receive compensation.

    However, Watermans works on a no-win, no-fee basis — if you happen to lose your case, you won’t have to pay us any fees.

    If you have any more questions about spinal injury claims, feel free to complete an enquiry form with your contact details. Our expert spinal injury claim solicitors at Watermans will get back to you as soon as possible.

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