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If you wish to add or remove a person's name from a property deed, or change the ownership to another individual, then you will need a Transfer of Title attorney. It may sound like a complicated process, but we are here to help.

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The Short of it

  • If you want to legally change the ownership of a property to another person,

    this is called Transfer of Title.

  • There are many reasons why you may want to do this, including for estate planning purposes,

    or as a result of a marriage or a divorce.

  • At Watermans, our dedicated conveyancing team are here to guide you

    through the Transfer of Title process. We handle the legal stuff, so that you don't have to.

  • Everything we do at Watermans is about getting you the resolution you need and

    and providing Straightforward legal advice. It should be that simple.

  • The Long of it

    Transfer of Title

    What is a Transfer of Title?

    A Transfer of Title involves changing the legal ownership of a property from one person to another. There are many reasons that you may wish to proceed with a Transfer of Title, including

    • removing a name from the property deed if you are going through a divorce or a relationship breakdown
    • adding a name to the property deed if you have married or remarried
    • changing the ownership of the property to another person completely, for example to another family member
    • when planning your estate

    Some transfers are regarded as gifts, such as between relatives, and a solicitor is needed to carry out this type of transaction. A Transfer of Title as a gift can only be carried out when there is no outstanding lending on the property, unless the outstanding amount can be re-paid at settlement.

    Do I need a solicitor?

    Why do I need a solicitor for a Transfer of Title?

    It is important that you use a solicitor to handle a Transfer of Title. Transferring a property Title to another person, or adding or removing a name in a deed, can result in huge changes for the people involved. Therefore, we think it is important that you choose the correct legal advice providers to suit your needs. Transfer of Title can be a complicated process, and there can be issues like tax implications involved.

    This is where we help. We take the hassle out of the legal side of things, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our conveyancing team are ready to discuss the process with you.

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    How long?

    How long does a Transfer of Title take?

    Generally, Title transfers take about 4 – 6 weeks to finalise. However, every situation is different, and depending on the circumstances and details, the process may take longer.

    At Watermans, we will work with you to make the whole process seem easy, in the most time-efficient way that we can. We understand that the legal stuff can seem daunting and stressful, especially when it is to do with property, and we try to make everything as convenient for you as possible.

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    Why Watermans?

    Why should I choose Watermans as my solicitor?

    At Watermans, our team have helped many clients complete Title transfers by offering clear and expert legal advice.

    We understand that a Transfer of Title can seem like a daunting task, and depending on the circumstances it could be an emotional time for you, too.

    We are here to help.

    We offer Straightforward legal advice, so there is never any confusion. We are here to guide you every step of the way, by offering you a service that is convenient and efficient.

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