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When it comes to buying a property, our legal team understands what's at stake. We know what a big deal it is for you, and we are here to help you every step of the way. Speak to our property purchase solicitor and start looking for your dream home.


"I used Watermans for the purchase of my property in Edinburgh. Shawn Wood came recommended and from our 1st contact he was professional and friendly. He made the legal process stress-free. I would highly recommend Watermans for any property purchase."

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The Short of it

  • Whether you're a first time buyer or someone looking to add to their property portfolio,

    our expert legal team are ready to help.

  • At Watermans, we work with you,

    from your free no obligation consultation right through to when you get the keys for your new property.

  • We handle the legal side of things,

    so that you can enjoy the experience of finding your dream property.

  • Everything we do at Watermans is about getting you the resolution you need and

    and providing Straightforward legal advice. It should be that simple.

  • The Long of it

    Why Watermans?

    Why should I choose Watermans to purchase a property?

    At Watermans, we have over 30 years of experience in helping people get on the property ladder. Our team of experts know the housing market, and we understand the rollercoaster of emotions involved in purchasing a property. Whether it’s buying your first home, or looking for a larger property for your growing family, we understand the nerves and excitement that go with it.

    We know it can be a stressful and difficult time too, which is why we provide a property buying service tailored to your needs. We are here to guide you every step of the way to secure your dream home. We even lend our expertise to seasoned property buyers looking to expand and develop their portfolios. Whatever your property needs, buying a house is made easy with Watermans.

    We pride ourselves on our personalised approach, and we endeavour to build true, meaningful relationships. For us, buying a property is not just a transaction, it is our passion. We join you and share in you your excitement and concerns, which ultimately allows us to better represent you in the house buying process to achieve the best results, celebrating together when we transfer the ownership of your perfect home into your hands.

    Property purchase service

    What is included in Watermans property purchase service?

    As part of our property purchase service at Watermans, we will

    • explain information in the Home Report and other documentation
    • explain legal terms and the buying process
    • determine the best amount to offer to secure your new home
    • use professional purchasing tactics & negotiate on your behalf
    • provide a Note of Interest and make a Formal Offer on your behalf
    • complete the full conveyancing process
    • help to set you up with a recommended mortgage broker

    Whether you are a first time buyer, or someone adding to their property portfolio, we are here to help. We guide you from your initial interest in a property right up to the exchange of keys. We update you when a house comes on the market that meets your requirements, and assist you in finding a mortgage that suits you. At Watermans, we understand that buying a property is a milestone in your life, and the process can seem quite daunting. However, we explain the property buying process in straightforward terms, and handle the legal side of things for you. Call us today to speak to one of our expert property purchase team.

    Found a property?

    We can register a Note Of Interest or submit an offer

    Have you seen a property that appeals to you? Let us know and we will send a formal Note of Interest on your behalf. Doing so ensures that:

    • the estate agent and seller are aware of your interest in the property
    • you get the chance to make an offer
    • you will be informed if there is a set closing date
    • we have time to advise and strategize for the purchase
    • we can find out how many other Notes of Interest have been submitted
    • we can gauge the level of competition and advise on the next steps

    When you are ready to submit an offer on your dream home, we will utilise our in-depth knowledge of the property market, reviewing the current trends and our expertise of the area to determine the best offer to submit, potentially saving you money in the process. From here, we will:

    • implement a bidding strategy
    • perform negotiations on your behalf
    • liaise with you during negotiations
    • create a plan of action should the offer be refused
    • determine a counter offer if required and advise on the next steps
    • complete the conveyancing process on the acceptance of an offer, ensuring the legal exchange of contracts
    • celebrate the purchase of your new home with you

    What next?

    How do I get started with a property purchase?

    If you are ready to buy a property, or would simply like to enquire about how to begin the search for your dream home, book a free purchase consultation with Watermans today.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable legal team will answer any questions you may have and discuss the house buying process from start to finish. We take the time to get to know you and understand your needs and expectations in the property buying process. We offer advice every step of the way, working closely with you to secure your dream home.

    Get in touch with us

    Everything we do at Watermans is about getting you the resolution you need and making that process straightforward. Start the process by sending us your details below or calling us on 0131 555 7055


    Our property expert

    “My clients would describe me as being approachable, down to earth and easy to get on with. This allows me to build relationships with my clients and provide straightforward legal advice without all the jargon.”

    Shawn Wood, Head of Property Law