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Free House Valuation Edinburgh

Are you looking for a house valuation in Edinburgh? – Here, we provide a simple guide to finding out just how much your home is worth.

How much is my house worth?

There are many factors that influence property value, including:

  • Property style and type – for example: traditional build properties tend to value higher/ retain their value more than modern or new build style homes.
  • How desirable your area is
  • The overall space and extension potential of your property
  • Whether your home has any conversions
  • House prices in your area
  • Access to local public transport and amenities
  • Quality of schools
  • Noise levels within your area.

Often, valuing a property will be about understanding competition and prevailing buyer trends – so it’s worth talking to the experts. Watermans can help with this.

If you’re looking to purchase a home or sell your property, Watermans has an experienced team of estate agents that can help you along the way with your house valuation in Edinburgh.

Should I sell my house now?

It has been a volatile 12 months for the housing market, but it’s always a good time to sell. Selling now could capitalise on house price increases in recent years before these drop off.

For some, the decision to sell could sell could be a personal choice based on current life circumstances. This could include relocation, debt, divorce, downsizing or upsizing, death or selling on an inherited home.

To figure out whether it’s really the right time for you to sell, complete some research to establish where you stand, and get a free house valuation in Edinburgh. Using a tool such as Rightmove or the ESPC, you can check out what similar houses are going for, so you can learn the ceiling price for your street or neighbourhood.

Speak to your local estate agents and find out whether there is much current demand for a property like yours.

How quick can I sell my home?

Statistically, the average length of selling a home in the UK is 25 weeks from initial listing to date of completion.

During the selling process, there are many stages to navigate. This includes property listing, receiving an offer, conveyancing, the mortgage application process, exchange and completion.

Typically, the main sticking points can be poor communication between parties, legal conveyancing delays and buying chains breaking down – often the sale of one house may be dependent on the sale of another.

The ESPC price report showed that average selling time for a house in Scotland was 28 days.

To speed up the process, sellers should remain responsive and in regular contact with their solicitor and estate agent while engaging with the best legal expertise.

If you’re looking to purchase a home or sell your property, Watermans has an experienced team of lawyers that can help you along the way with all your conveyancing needs.

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