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How inadequate training can cause accidents at work in Scotland

Scotland’s employment landscape is varied, with jobs available everywhere, from offices to farmyards and restaurants to oil rigs. Each employment role requires a different set of skills and unique training methods to ensure that work is carried out safely. So, what happens if employees aren’t trained to do their jobs properly?

Often, it might just mean a loss for the business in terms of time and money, but in more serious cases, there is a risk of a workplace accident. People employed to use certain tools and heavy machinery, or those employed in hazardous work environments, may require specialist training to avoid the possibility of an accident happening. Watermans Personal Injury team takes a look at how inadequate training can lead to accidents at work in Scotland.

Accidents in factories

Factories are busy, fast-paced locations. It’s likely that more than one job is being carried out at one time in the workspace. This means that employees may be required to operate conveyor belts, forklift trucks and manufacturing tools, or perhaps handle hazardous chemicals. Without proper training, accidents can happen, and people can be seriously injured as a result. It’s the duty of the employer to make sure that correct training is provided to reduce the risks involved in working in a factory setting. Common factory accidents involving heavy machinery often happen because of a lack of awareness of risk, which is a result of poor or very little training.

Accidents on construction sites

Like in a factory, construction sites are also busy workspaces. According to a report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 45 people sustained fatal injuries in 2022/2023 in the UK while working in the construction industry, proving it to be a potentially hazardous workplace. Some common causes of injuries on construction sites in Scotland include falling from a height, electrocution and being crushed by debris and moving vehicles. Providing adequate training would greatly reduce the chance of this happening by educating employees on the potential dangers of working on a building site.

Accidents on farmyards in Scotland

Working on a farm means you will be required to operate heavy machinery like quad bikes, industrial tractors, and combine harvesters. It is imperative that whoever is driving these vehicles is trained in doing so and that they hold the correct driving license for the job. Without correct training, farmyard employees will not be aware of the dangers involved in the job they are using the machinery for. This increases the risk of an accident at work on farms in Scotland.

Accidents on oil rigs in Scotland

It could be argued that one of the most dangerous work environments in Scotland is that of an oil rig. Scotland’s oil and gas industry currently supports almost 200,000 workers, many of whom have to work offshore on oil drilling rigs. Oil rigs are located out at sea, where employees have to work in all weather conditions, and operate complex heavy machinery. The risk to an employee’s health and safety is heightened when working in an environment like this, and so necessary training must be provided to workers to prevent serious, or even fatal, injuries.

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It is crucial for employers to protect both their workforce and the general public by hiring people who are qualified and trained to do their jobs properly and safely. Without adequate training, the safety of everyone in the workspace is compromised. This increases the risk of an accident at work, often leading to serious or even fatal injury. If you have suffered after being involved in an accident at work in Scotland, our expert personal injury solicitors are here to help. For straightforward legal advice, contact us on 0131 555 7055, or fill out the form below.

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