Meeting a Family Law Solicitor for the very first time.

This may well be the very first time in your life that you have required the services of a Solicitor.  Your emotions will be high.  Don’t worry about asking what you might worry to be ‘silly questions’.  The Solicitor will be more than happy to advise on anything you’re uncertain about.  Family Law is complex and every problem depends on the circumstances.  Here are five points to consider when meeting a Family Law solicitor for the first time;

  • It is important that you try to pull together relevant information, as this can save time and cost in the long run. If your problem relates to separation or divorce, you will need to gather together financial information.  The solicitor will need to form a picture of your circumstances in order to advise you accordingly.  Make some notes in advance of the meeting setting out your concerns and aims.
  • Everything that is discussed will be dealt with in confidence.
  • There is no need to dress up and come in your best suit. It is important that you feel comfortable and at ease, as you are going to be discussing some very personal and highly emotional matters.
  • Shop around to find the right fit – It is crucial that you find a solicitor with whom you can build a rapport with and who you would feel comfortable with acting on your behalf at a very stressful and difficult time.
  • Things don’t happen overnight – finding a resolution that is best for you takes time, especially making sure that all financial matters have been addressed.

Sarah Bird, Senior Solicitor

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“People often say to me that family law must be a depressing job – but I’ve never felt that. What we do makes a difference. I love working with my clients to understand their stories, help them work out where they want to get to, and collaborate with them to achieve their goals. Seeing people come through it and embark on a new stage of their lives is a great feeling.”

Dianne Millen, Head of Family Law

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