How much can you claim for a Neck Injury?

How much can you claim for a Neck Injury?

27th Aug 2018
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Neck injuries are a particular worry for anyone who suffers one – as well as being a source of great pain too. That’s because neck injuries are frequently accompanied by potential complications involving the back, shoulder and head which, together, can present serious physical problems. And sadly, in the world of personal injury claims, claims for neck injuries are becoming all too common.

That’s partly because technically speaking, a whiplash injury is classed as a neck injury. And claims for whiplash injuries are growing every year. But as well as that, there are other perhaps more serious neck injuries that can result in a claim for compensation such as fracture, dislocation and – horrible as it is to admit – paralysis. Which leads to the question: how much you can claim for neck injuries?

Well, as with all personal injury claims there is no ‘catch-all’ answer. As we’ve already described, there is a broad spectrum of neck injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening. And it’s the nature of the injury that plays a major part in determining how much a successful claim will receive. But to help give you an idea, we’ve put together a rough guide to the compensation amounts you could expect to receive, based on a number of potential factors. Be aware, all figures are approximate.

Minor neck injury – up to £5,000

As we’ve said, whiplash is one of the most common causes of neck injury in personal injury claims. No wonder. It’s almost an inevitable result of car accidents where the driver and/or passengers are subjected to a sudden change of speed (slowing down or stopping) which leads to the head  jerking forward and back in an instant. Another cause is being shunted from the rear by another vehicle. In any such case, the muscles of the neck are put under huge strain leading to whiplash injury. If any such injury can be recovered from within a year, it is usually classed as a minor neck injury.

Moderate neck injury – up to £16,000

Moving up a notch in terms of seriousness, a moderate neck injury can usually be classed as any injury to that area that takes up to two to fully recover from. The pain and discomfort suffered along with any loss of earnings will be taken into account in such an assessment. Again, whiplash is a common cause of such injuries. But of course, it’s not the only cause – outside of car accidents, workplace injuries such as slips, trips or falls may result in a neck injury too. Each case is different.

Severe neck injury – up to £95,000 or more

It’s not a pleasant thought but with the sensitive nature of the neck and its location in the body, some neck injuries can lead to restricted movement in the form of partial paralysis or, worse still. In  such severe cases where the impact on the life of the victim is extreme, successful claims for compensation can result in awards of tens of thousands of pounds or more.

Remember, these figures are to serve as a rough guide. If you do suffer a neck injury that you think wasn’t your fault and wish to pursue a claim, speak to a reliable personal injury lawyer first.