What Can I Claim for After an Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident, you will want to know what you can claim for from the at-fault party. Every accident is unique, which means that what you can claim for all depends on the consequences of the accident.

Knowing exactly what you can claim for following an accident is important, as you only have one opportunity to receive compensation from the incident. For this reason, it is essential that you contact a personal injury solicitor to act on your behalf, so that you can receive the maximum amount of compensation.

There are several different things that you can claim for after being involved in an accident.

Pain and Suffering

If you have experienced pain and suffering because of being involved in an accident, you are entitled to claim for compensation. In Scotland, this is known as solatium. The amount of compensation you could receive is dependent on the type of injury that you have sustained, and the severity of the injury.

Loss of Earnings

If you are involved in an accident, you may find yourself unable to work. This will cause undue stress for you and your loved ones, as you may be receiving little or no wage as a result. When making a compensation claim, you can claim for loss of earnings suffered during the time you have been absent from work.

 Out of Pocket Expenses

When you make a personal injury claim, you may be focused on claiming for the pain and suffering you have experienced and forget that you can also claim for additional expenses that you have incurred following an accident.

Travel costs to travel to and from the hospital for appointments, and any damage to your property or clothing can be taken into account here. These are all expenses that you wouldn’t have incurred had your accident not happened.

Vehicle Repairs

At Watermans, our full-care service means that we can arrange for your vehicle to be repaired to its pre-accident standard by an approved repairer. The costs of these vehicle repairs will be covered in-full by the liable party. You will not be required to pay any excess to your insurance company if you are claiming with a solicitor and not through your insurers.

Replacement Vehicle Costs

While your vehicle is being repaired, you will still need to get to the shops, do the school run and travel to work, and we can provide you with a like-for-like hire vehicle to replace yours while it is being repaired. This will be at no extra cost to you and will be recovered from the at-fault party.

Medical Treatment

Depending on your injuries, you may require medical treatments like counselling or physiotherapy. If you decide to avail of these treatments privately, and not through the NHS, it could cost you a significant amount of money. If you fund this treatment, we can recover the costs from the at-fault party.

Assistance From Family Members

If you are injured in an accident, a family member may have to assist you as you recover. Assistance can be given in many ways, like helping you to get dressed and washed, preparing your meals, or going shopping for you. It is possible to recover compensation for these services as a result of your accident.

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Our team offer straightforward legal advice to guide you through the claims process, and explain everything clearly to you, so you have a full understanding of the situation.

We are experts in handling personal injury cases relating to road traffic accidents, public liability, and accident at work claims. To start your personal injury compensation claim today, contact one of our dedicated team members using the form below.

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