Watermans Sport Ambassador Rally Day

The annual Watermans Rally Day, with Scottish rally driver John MacCrone, brought together a number of Watermans Accident Claims and Care elite sport ambassadors including; professional boxer Lewis Benson and Savannah McCarthy and Lauren McMurchie of Glasgow City FC.

The even took place in the historic M-Sport facility at Dovenby Hall Estate in the beautiful countryside of Cumbria. A former hospital building, it is now home to a 10-million-pound capacity Ford plant, founded by the former rally driver, Malcolm Wilson.

Scott Whyte, Managing Director of Watermans Accident Claims and Care, who supports the 27- year-old rally driver, said:

“Our Rally Day at M-Sport with John MacCrone with various sponsors and friends was a great opportunity for John to warm-up for the upcoming Rally GB event. Our other ambassadors Lewis, Lauren and Savannah also get to experience the thrill of travelling with him in the car.”

The day began with a visit to the Ford World Rally museum, where all guests got the chance to learn about Ford’s rich history in the motorsports world.

The group also mixed with some of motorsports leading technicians and engineers and had the chance to witness this group working on some of Ford’s fastest race cars in a state of the art engineering workshop that is the size of a football pitch.

After a tour around the facility, all guests move to the village of Greystoke, which hides a concealed test rally track, to get a taste of life in a fast lane.

Lewis Benson, who is Watermans longest- running ambassador, said he was excited at the prospect of being taken for a spin around the track.

‘’I’ve been out with J-Mac before in the car so I knew what to expect and it is just as much fun the second time round. There was no doubt in my mind he was taking me back safely. I had a fight coming up as well, so I knew he’d be looking after me.’’

Glasgow City FC players Savannah McCarthy and Lauren Mc Murchie, were both amazed after the hair rising rally experience.

“It’s difficult to describe how good that was, you can’t actually understand what’s it like until you’re in a rally car’’ Lauren Mc Murchie expressed.

J-Mac, who won his home event, the Isle of Mull Rally, last year, said he was grateful for the support Watermans Accident Claims and Care had given him over the last few years:

‘’Scott and Watermans has supported me for a while now and taking people for a spin in the R5 and making them smile is a small way to give something back.  Part of the fun of a day like that, is seeing folks reactions and making them have a good time. Now I’m fully focused on Rally GB.”.