The Importance of Choosing a Solicitor Estate Agent when Buying or Selling a Home

A house will be one of the biggest purchases of your lifetime and it is not a practice that people go through often. Maybe two or three times ever in their lifetime. So, when buying or selling, you need to choose a proactive Solicitor Estate Agent to act on your behalf.

Watermans has represented many buyers and sellers across Scotland. At Watermans, our experienced solicitor estate agency team are passionate about their work and are keen to help you move, whether that is finding your dream property or securing an offer.

Selecting your Solicitor Estate Agent

The market is full of companies claiming that they’re the best. But how can you make sure you’re choosing the right Solicitor Estate Agent for you?

We encourage you to do your research. Give the Solicitor Estate Agents a call to ask questions about their services and their products. Is this a company you would feel proud to represent you?

And most importantly, ensure that your Solicitor Estate Agent will be proactive. Your choice may be swayed by a flashy website but be sure to look beyond that. Choose an agent who practices quality customer service. If communication is important to you, select an agent who will be there to answer your queries and talk you through the jargon.

Reviews are also a great way to gain an insight into the company of your choice:

“I had the best experience. It was so straight forward and stress free. Tzana is brilliant and organised everything for me from start to finish. Cannot praise her enough and the company.”
Kevin S.

For Property Sellers

A proactive Solicitor Estate Agent will not cut corners. Are they a member of the Edinburgh Solicitor Property Centre (or commonly known as the ESPC)? The ESPC highlights that Solicitor Estate Agents get more around 3% more for their client’s property sale, when compared to non-ESPC estate agents.

It is worth finding a Solicitor Estate Agent who will work hard to obtain the best price for your home. They will ensure that your home is seen on the property market and engage with interested buyers.

At Watermans we can arrange a free no-obligation pre-sale valuation of your property. We provide you with our assessment on the property’s likely Home Report value and sale price. Additionally, we can offer advice on how best to present your home to buyers. We can also point out areas within your home that may be picked up during a Home Report Survey, as well as giving you advice on whether or not you should buy before you sell.

For Property Buyers

A quality Solicitor Estate Agent won’t put you out of pocket. Instead, they will create a purchasing strategy to suit you and will keep you on track. We will take into account your purchase budget, wish lists, and Pinterest boards and will be dedicated to securing your purchase of your dream home.

Our expert team can will go through a property’s Home Report in detail with you, advising on any work that may need to be done. We can suggest any specialist reports that you may wish to have carried out ahead of you submitting an offer or proceeding with the purchase of the property to ensure that you are made fully aware of any costs that would be involved for ongoing maintenance. Our legal team can also provide you with statistics and evidence of recent or past sales to help you work out your purchase budget and even if the property is worth the asking price.

By having a knowledgeable Solicitor Estate Agent working on your behalf, this should give you some confidence.

Our experience allows us to offer relevant advice on Home Reports, Mortgages, and all the legal forms involved in a property purchase and our aim is to make the process as stress-free and hassle-free as possible, being able to hand you the keys to your new home as soon as possible.


At Watermans we can do it all. We want to make what is usually a stressful milestone a swift and easy process. For more information on buying and selling, contact our team on 0131 555 7055 or by email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can get in touch using the form below.

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“My clients would describe me as being approachable, down to earth and easy to get on with. This allows me to build relationships with my clients and provide straightforward legal advice without all the jargon.”

Shawn Wood, Head of Conveyancing