Divorce Rates Double after Family Christmas

January is the time of year when most people try to give up something for the good of their health. Statistics have also revealed January as the month when most people give up on their marriages.

Research has shown that January is the busiest month of the year for divorces, but why? A lot of couples who pursue divorce in January split following a Christmas where they have spent a couple of weeks together. Divorce is rarely caused by a single issue, unless its infidelity, and most couples that break up post -Christmas don’t do so because of what’s happened over the festive period, but rather because the stress caused by a hectic Christmas and New Year intensifies existing issues.

From the anxiety of choosing the right gifts, to the joy (and trepidation!) of the in-laws and other relatives visiting through to making sure everything goes perfectly with the Christmas dinner, it’s a period that brings out a lot of emotions in people. On top of this, arguments become more common as people consume more alcohol throughout December and financial pressure is high due to the expense caused by Christmas.

Christmas can also stall divorce in many cases. Many people want to stay together as a family for the holidays, particularly if they have children. A new year often seems like the ideal time to start afresh. That being said, whether in January or at any other time of the year, divorce is never easy and is a very personal situation.

Though an emotionally-charged decision, informing a spouse of a divorce should be done in a controlled manner, using carefully chosen words in a location where both parties feel safe to express themselves. It may be beneficial if the decision happens away from other family members, especially children, to allow both parents to regain their composure and agree on the best way to tell the rest of the household about the decision.

Telling the kids is one of the first co-parenting decisions separating partners will make and often sets the tone for future discussions and relations – it’s important that this first step is done in a manner which best protects the wellbeing and interests of the children.

Divorce can often seem like the only option, especially if someone has been unhappy for a period of time, but the effects of it often linger for years to come for the entire family of those separating.

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