Watermans Road Safety Videos – Driving on Rural Roads

23rd Aug 2019
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Watermans Road Safety Videos – Driving on Rural Roads

Country roads can be deceptively dangerous. Most accidents occur as a result of driving too fast for the road conditions and loss of control. Summer is the peak season for rural road deaths and serious injuries, particularly during the holiday months of July and August.

Drive too fast on country roads, and you may not have time to react to the unexpected. That means not just obeying the speed limit, but often driving well below it.

While the allure of Scotland’s beautiful rural routes can be hard to resist, accidents on country roads account for over half (58%) of Scotland’s road fatalities, so caution is always advised.

Don’t take our word for it though, here’s our newest Sports Ambassador Rory Skinner Racing in a video we filmed at Knockhill Racing Circuit to tell you more.



  1. Scotland, three-quarters of fatal accidents occur on rural roads.
  2. Two-thirds of those killed or seriously injured on rural roads are car drivers and passengers; a fifth is motorcycle riders.
  3. 90% killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s rural roads are on single carriage roads.
  4. A third of fatal and serious injuries in rural road accidents are in single-vehicle crashes; half involve two vehicles

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