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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries are a common complaint after an accident, either through the shoulder taking the impact of a fall from height or from a bike or motorcycle, or as a result of other accident circumstances such as those involving manual handling, operating machinery or road traffic accidents.

Regardless of how your injury occurred, shoulder problems can be very painful and restricting upon day-to-day activities. Quite often they can also take a long time to heal. NHS Choices state that over half of all people attending their GP as a result of a shoulder injury still have symptoms after 18 months of the injury first arising.

Physiotherapy is the most common form of treatment for shoulder injuries and we can provide this during the course of your personal injury claim through our Total Care Service. In the most severe cases, surgery may also be required and in some cases, permanent restriction of movement of the shoulder may occur.

Like any injury, early intervention is recommended to give you the best possible chance of a full recovery. If you have suffered a shoulder injury as a result of an accident in Scotland that was not your fault, contact us now to ensure that you receive both the treatment you require and the compensation you deserve. It’s easy enough to make an enquiry, and here at Watermans we have helped thousands of clients receive the compensation they deserve, and we are more than happy to guide you through the process of making a claim.