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Psychological Therapy

In the aftermath of a traumatic event or accident the mind can carry scars that at first may not present themselves or appear to affect your life. As time goes on, often these scars emerge and can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

In cases such as this Psychological Therapy can really help to address the underlining issues and help you cope with your thoughts and feelings. Qualified Psychotherapists will be able to quickly establish what is causing your troubles, and work closely with you in order to resolve these issues so you can move on with your life.

Here at Waterman’s we understand that winning monetary compensation is not always enough, and that some cases need more care and attention than simply financial help. That is why all our Total Care services handled by Scotland’s finest medical professional. What’s more is, as part of our No Win No Fee policy, we will ensure that any fees and costs are paid in full by the party at fault.

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