An Interview with our Trainee Solicitors

9th Aug 2021

An Interview with our Trainee Solicitors

Our Watermans Trainee Solicitors, Leonie, Rebekah, and Christy have been with us for just over 6 months now. We checked in with them to see how they’re finding their traineeship. We also spoke to Associate Director John Dillon for an insight into the training process and what he looks for in Watermans candidates.


  • Attended the University of Edinburgh for both her undergraduate LLB Law degree and her postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice
  • “In my free time outside of work, I enjoy baking and watch Bake Off whenever it comes on. I can often be seen walking my two dogs. Both enjoy having me working from home some days as they think it means more walks. Over the past year, when it’s been permitted, I have taken to exploring and hiking in parts of Scotland which I’ve never visited before. My most recently visiting Skye and parts of the North West Coast.”
  • Leonie had previously worked with Watermans through our work experience scheme. She was given an interview and came prepared; she was undeniably qualified for the position.


  • Rebekah completed her undergraduate at the University of Stirling. Then went to Dundee University to get her Diploma There she met Christy. They went to the same advocacy classes together!
  • “I do a little bit of acting on the side. I’ve been an extra in a couple of movies and TV shows and I’ve been main cast in a few TV/internet commercials. I’m also a stem cell donor! I donated my stem cells back in 2018 to a complete stranger and it’s potentially my proudest moment and would 100% recommend everyone who is able join the stem cell register.”

She also has an adorable Westie, Finn, who takes up a lot of her attention, and we can see why!

  • Rebekah showed creativity during her interview, and as the first interview of the day, she set the bar high for the following applicants. With her background in film making, she created a film application to impressively highlight her suitability for the role.


  • ChristyAttended the University of Dundee for her Undergraduate Degree and Postgraduate Diploma
  • “In my spare time I really enjoy going to the gym, reading, going on walks and spending time in nature. I feel like all of these activities are so important for both mental and physical health and they have such a positive impact on my mood and happiness.”
  • Christy’s academic achievements stood out, but it was her understanding of the personal injury world that shone through.  She had also worked in other areas dealing with people, not just the legal world, which Susanne McGraw states is also important in finding a well-rounded and competent individual who can work within a fast-moving team and environment.

A Bit about Legal Traineeships:

Leonie, Rebekah and Christy were successful in their applications as they displayed personality, wider experience in the field, and passion for the work. In addition, they are organised, have a strong attention to detail and are motivated to persevere to get the best result for our clients.

They will spend 2 years working through their traineeship.

During the first year of a traineeship with Watermans Solicitors, they will learn the groundwork of the Personal Injury claims process. In the meantime, learning practically by taking on cases and assisting the firm’s solicitors. In their second year, trainee solicitors will learn about the court procedures. At Watermans Solicitors, trainees have their own caseloads. They also assist solicitors by investigating claims and taking statements from clients and witnesses. Although they learn through experience, Watermans trainees can also benefit from shadowing other team members to obtain a wider view of the firm’s work.

Watermans Solicitors takes a very hands-on approach to training our  trainees. Although we have had to adapt during the pandemic, our team still want to offer as much support as we can during their training.

Once legal trainees have completed the two years, they will have gone through a tailor-made training course. Watermans are proud of our successful programme, which we hope to continue, and also of our high retention rate. We are optimistic that our 2021 trainees will stay with the firm once they qualify.