Playground Accident Claims

Playground accidents in Scotland are quite common. Many are simply the result of horseplay between the children, but others are caused through faulty play equipment an inadequate protective floor surfaces.

It is the legal responsibility of the playground owners, either local council or school, to ensure that everyone who uses the playground is safe. As children are less careful than adults, the law often imposes a greater duty of care on occupiers to ensure their safety.

If your child has suffered an accident in a playground or other play area due to faulty or inappropriate equipment, or by falling and injuring themselves on the floor surface, you could make a compensation claim.

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Once you’ve been through the initial steps, we will handle everything on your behalf and contact the school or council to let them know you are seeking compensation for the accident and any associated accident damages. We will keep you updated on the progress of your claim at all times so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Claims involving children under the age of sixteen have until their 19th birthday to pursue a claim.

In most instances, you may be entitled to compensation for variety of things including:

  • Medical, rehabilitation and hospital expenses
  • Any future expenses as a result of the injury
  • Home modification and care expenses
  • Pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

Our personal injury compensation calculator will help you estimate the amount you may be able to claim for. However, this should be taken as a guide.

If your child have suffered a personal injury from an accident at school or playground, there are necessary steps you must take for your claim to be successful. It is important that your child receive immediate medical attention after the accident, not only for health reasons, but also because medical records are crucial evidence in any claim further down the line.

You should also report the accident to school or council as soon as possible. By making a health and safety record of the event, you’re providing yourself with additional proof, making your claim process easier.

The younger the child and the greater the extent of the injury the longer a compensation claim will take. For example, if the child sustained an injury whilst very young then the impact of this may not become obvious until the child is older.  It is important to determine the extent of the injury and evaluate long term consequences of any accidents involving children. Therefore, it’s important to carefully monitor any changes over time, as the consequences may increase as a child grows, in order to properly calculate possible settlement.

By law anyone under 16 cannot handle their own compensation claim, which means that someone else (usually a parent or a guardian) will need to be appointed to do so.

If your child has been injured due to an accident and requires full time care then no amount of money will be able to undo that. However, the money can help to pay for any specialist equipment, treatment or care that the child may need, hopefully improving their quality of life.