Horse Riding Accidents

There is believed to be almost 950,000 horses in the UK. Riding and caring for them is a favoured hobby for many people and people can visit lots of equestrian centres across the country.

Working closely with horses will always come with certain dangers. Injuries and accidents can and do happen. Both rider and horse may be injured if they are involved in a road traffic collision, or someone can fall from or get kicked by a horse when handling them. Whether you are involved in an accident on the roads or at a riding school, you can claim compensation if it is not your fault.

The injuries suffered from a riding accident can be minor but also devastating, especially if any injury to the horse proves fatal. In the worst cases, people can suffer permanent disability or paralysis if they fall from height whilst horse riding. In such circumstances, it is vital you pursue compensation from the negligent party.

The claims process can be a challenging experience, but our personal injury solicitors will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. Compensation can provide a financial safety net if you need to take time off work. If you are unable to fully recover from your injuries, the compensation you are given will also take in to account your long-term future. This includes what you need for medical provision, future care such as adjustments at home, and loss of earnings.