Dental Compensation Claims

Nobody likes visiting the dentist, but it is essential to do so regularly for healthy teeth and gums. Over five million people in Scotland are registered with a dentistry, the equivalent of 92% of the population.

Whilst many dental treatments go well, there are occasions when things go wrong. Patients left to deal with the traumatic consequences of unnecessary pain have the right to pursue a compensation claim for the effects of this and other implications such as loss of earnings.

Dental negligence occurs when your dentist has not provided treatment to a reasonable standard. Malpractice covers any personal injury you suffer as a direct result of treatment from your dental health expert, as well as injuries worsened or missed altogether by them.

Examples of negligence include:

  • Nerve damage because of poor treatment
  • Removal of the wrong tooth
  • Anaesthetic administered incorrectly
  • Failure to diagnose issues such as gum disease or oral cancer

Treatments such as fillings and cosmetic dentistry work can cause issues if they are carried out poorly by your dentist. Seemingly routine procedures can lead to infections, painful abscesses or even have life-threatening implications.

Whether the work was carried out by an NHS dentist or a private practitioner, you will still have grounds for a claim if it was of a poor standard.