Man injured in motorcycle accident awarded £12,635

Man injured in motorcycle accident awarded £12,635

12th Dec 2018
Agata Myszkowska

Marketing Manager


Waterman’s specialist motorcycle accident lawyers helped a man after he was injured in a motorcycle accident in Argyll and Bute.

At the time of the accident, our client was riding a Suzuki 900 cc motorbike when the third party collided into our client’s vehicle. When this happened, our client was wearing a helmet and full protective gear. The motorbike he was riding was moving at approximately 5-10 miles per hour.  Our client was in Argyll and Bute when a third-party car suddenly pulled out of the give way and collided with the gearbox and his right hip.

The force of the impact made our client fell to the ground, and pushed the motorbike on the left side crushing his left foot between the motorbike and the road.

The Consequences of the Motorbike Accident

Immediately after the collision, our client felt lightheaded but managed to stand up when he instantly noticed severe pain in his left foot and pain in his head, left shoulder, hips and both thigs.

At the scene of the accent, he was seen by paramedics and taken to A&E, where an x-ray confirmed possible fracture of the foot. A further CT scan was recommended by an orthopedic surgeon. CT scan showed a fracture of navicular with displacement involving both articular surfaces. Furthermore, our client suffered severe bruising to his head and entire left side of the body.

A cast was applied to the fractured foot. After two months, our client was given a moon boot and started mobilising partial weight bearing. The swelling of the foot subsided in 3 months after the accident and pain in his foot improved considerably.

Our client (commissioning engineer in the electrical industry) could not return to work for eight weeks. Thereafter he has been working 40 hours a week, doing light desk duties for 6 weeks. Afterward, he has been working on the work site and in the office as usual.

Overall, the worst of his symptoms had subsided in three months, but he didn’t fully recover from his foot injury until nine months after the accident.

How did Watermans Solicitors help?

The commissioning engineer was able to instruct Watermans Solicitors through his insurance, One Call Insurance.  The third party admitted liability and has been charged with a careless driving offence.

Watermans Solicitors managed to secure £12,635 compensation for the client inclusive of personal injury, replacement of accessories damaged in the accident, and six-week loss of earnings. The motorcycle was deemed a total loss (uneconomical to repair) and therefore, the value of the vehicle ( prior to the accident ) was added to the total settlement value.

Watermans Solicitors

Last year, we’ve partnered with Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA) who provide vital emergency services to motorcyclists injured in road traffic accidents. Together with SCAA we are fully committed to highlighting the need for greater awareness of the dangers of motorcyclists on Scottish roads.