The Diary of Lewis Benson - Team Scotland in Oz and training hard in the build up to the Games

Welcome to the Diary of Lewis Benson, Team Scotland Boxer and Glasgow Games 2014 Medal Hopeful

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Monday 19 –  Saturday 31 May  – Canberra, Australia

After arriving in Canberra, with barely time to get over jet-lag we were off to the venue for the first fight on Friday 22nd. I felt good before the fight as Scotland were 6-0 up and I didn’t want to let it slip so I went out and did the job. I felt good out there, my movement was great and I made it 7-0. On Sunday we were out on the running track, I wasn’t looking forward to this but I finished 4th on the 9 minute, 7th on the 6 minute and I won the 3 minute sprints. I was happy as there were so many good runners.

By Wednesday I was finally over the jet-lag and ready for sparring the following day. I was up against a tall guy that looked the part with all the top kit, so I thought he was going to be a really hard spar. But I just came out, relaxed and got into my groove and won every round.
I sparred the same guy again on Saturday. I started slow but after that I got into my groove and started boxing nice – I gave him a burst nose.

Sunday 1 – Monday 9 June – Canberra Australia

Only two more days of hard training before the first fight day on Friday, June 6. We completed three hard rounds of running on the track and in the afternoon a gym session – my legs were sore. The next day we used the tempo pads and bags in the morning with the sandc in the afternoon before going to the cinema to see One Million Ways to Die in the West – it was terrible.

The night before the fight I was really excited, I felt good. I was so confident as I was in great form. I WAS READY! I woke up buzzing and looking forward to getting in there and fighting. When we got to the venue, we took part in a ring parade. I was so excited when Flower of Scotland was played. It got me pumped up. Scotland started fast again and we were 4-0 up before I stepped up. I just went out there and boxed and came out on top. I was buzzing after we got back.

The next day I slept until lunchtime then we went to see the kangaroos at a nature park. Our last day in Canberra before heading to Sydney for the long journey back to Edinburgh.

Monday 16 June

Jet-lag over, this is my first day back in training. My day started at 9.30am: I woke up, had my porridge then met the team at the gym at 11am. We ran down the beach to do 5 x 3 interval lunges before heading back to the gym for the circuit training. It was a hard day back in the gym but I put everything in to it.

Tuesday 17 June

Started off my morning slightly differently today. I was in front of the cameras with Scott Whyte, from my sponsor Watermans. It was a good start to the day before I went on to my pad work followed by strength work at Herriot Watt University.

Wednesday 18 June

It was going to be a hard day as it was sunny and we were running outside up Duddingston steps at Arthur Seat. It was so hard my legs were gone so we went back to the gym for circuits.

Thursday 19 June

With the weekend training camp approaching it wasn’t a hard day. I did my strength and condition work at 10am then headed straight to Lochend for pad work and technique work.

Saturday 21 June

Training camp started at 10am with sparring. I did 4 rounds and boxed really well. We then went to Glasgow Green for running, it was really hard. We took part in loads of team events and at night pad work and bags. I was knackered by the end of the day.

Sunday 22 June

It was Boxing Scotland open day and we attended to showcase a bit of sparring and to meet funders of the sport. They took loads of pictures and then we went to do hill sprints. It was really hard. I finished second out of 11 which I was really happy with as my fitness levels are really high.

Tuesday 24 June

We were back in Bridgeton with the Scotland team. We met at 10am then walked around to the track for a hard session. We did a nine minute sustained run, 30 second sprint, 30 second jog then we rested and repeated the same run but six minutes of a 20 second sprint, 20 second jog and three minutes of a 10 seconds sprint, 10 second jog. It was solid. Then it was time for pad and spar work before I went six rounds with Stuart Burt who I beat in the Scottish Semi Finals. It was good hard sparring.

Wednesday 25 June

I travelled back to Edinburgh to find out my sparring partner had called off. I was annoyed because it would have been a great spar, so instead I just did a few rounds of pads and an interview for the Evening Times.

Sunday 29 June

Sunday was a big day for me and my family as it was my little sister’s graduation. She had been training to be a professional dancer and teacher. So me, my Mum, Dad and big sister went to watch it, it was a proud moment.

Monday 30 June

Time to get back in to training but before that I had to go to the dentist. I got a gum shield made and the woman decided to check my mouth and I needed a bit of work done so went to training with a numb mouth. I completed a 2.5 mile jog followed by beach runs on the soft sand and 10 sprints before jogging back to the gym. We then did 36 minutes of circuits it was so hard.

Tuesday 1 July

I was feeling sore from Mondays hard graft but that didn’t stop me going out and giving it my all, there was a photographer there from Sport Scotland taking pictures of me training. Afterwards  I went to see Scott Whyte, my sponsor from Watermans before heading to Lochend for sparring. I sparred four rounds with Paul Appleby former British champion pro. He pushed me hard and made me work, after that I did six rounds on the bags and started feeling tired but the thought of Glasgow pushed me through it. I had a final push of five rounds of pad work – it was really hard but I pushed myself.

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