The Diary of Lewis Benson (3) - Building up to the Glasgow Games

Welcome to the third diary entry of Lewis Benson, Team Scotland Boxer and Glasgow Games 2014 Medal Hopeful

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Tuesday 8 July

I decided not to go to training camp in Ireland because of my back and stay in Edinburgh and train here. Because of my injury I couldn’t lift any weights, so I just worked on stretching my back and on my mobility – it felt a lot better afterwards.  At Lochend I worked on the pads with Terry and we managed 10 rounds.  I felt sharp and after that we worked on footwork and more drills to make sure my fitness was top notch. After training I watched the World Cup with my friends I couldn’t believe my eyes when Brazil were beaten by Germany 7-1.

Wednesday 9 July

First thing in the morning I went to the physio to keep my back on the road to recovery and then after training I went to meet the team at the beach and bumped into Kenny Anderson, former Commonwealth Gold medallist.  He gave me some great advice about the Games so it was great timing. Then I went into the gym, it was roasting, but I completed 10 rounds of pads and footwork – again I’m getting sharper every day.  Afterwards I had a back massage to keep it loose as it is getting better. After training I went home and had my favourite meal of steak, rice, poached eggs and onions while I watched the Holland v Argentina match, but it didn’t live up to the other semi-final.

Thursday 10 July

I worked on my mobility to make sure I was feeling good before my sparring in the afternoon at Lochend with professional boxers John Thain and Paul Appleby.   I had three rounds with each of them after sparring and finished with plyometrics – jump training – and bag work. At night I chilled and had a quiet night with friends.

Friday 11 July

Rested up with a long lie, before having my porridge and going to the gym at midday for pad work.  I did 10 rounds again, another great day on the pads, the punches are really flowing, finishing up with plyrometrics and footwork. I went home after training and met with my friends before they went out in town. I didn’t go because my eyes are fixed on the prize so I just went home to bed. It’s all about commitment!

Saturday 12 July

I met the team at 12 to spar with John and Paul again. I’ve had a great week and I’m over the moon with how preparations have gone. I had a great Saturday all my pals were at T in the Park, but I gave my ticket away as my coach told me to keep focussed so I watched the boxing in Vegas instead.

Sunday 13 July

I just had a quiet day and went around to a friend’s house to watch the World Cup final. It was a pretty boring game but I was glad Germany won as they were the better team.

Monday 14 July

I was up very early as I had physio for my back, which was pretty tight. The physio loosened it off a lot. I went running at 11am to see how my back was, but jogging on grass wasn’t great so I just stopped and went back to the gym for pad and bag work.  I did 10 rounds on the pads followed by three on the bags and more footwork drills. A good solid day’s work.

Tuesday 15 July

I was up early to head to Glasgow for a day of training with the Scotland squad.  The first session was pad work, the second a spin class. It was a good couple of sessions and it was great to see all the boys.  After training I headed back to Edinburgh for a massage on my back and legs, it was brilliant and I felt amazing afterwards.  When I got home I was starving so I my mum put a steak on for me, I was also planning to go to Nando’s with a friend so I decided to have both but bit off more than I could chew as I couldn’t finish everything!

Wednesday 16 July

I had another great day in the gym, going 10 rounds on the bags and three on the plyometrics. In the afternoon I did an interview with a journalist from the Evening News. He also took some video footage and later in the evening, a photographer came to take picture of me and my family for the paper.  It was a great laugh as the photographer was brilliant fun, so looking forward to seeing it published in the paper. As the main event has got closer the interest levels have really ramped up so had a lot more media work to do, but it’s all part of the business and great that people are interested in what we’re doing.

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