The Diary of Lewis Benson (2) - Team Scotland Games Outfit and a selfie with Chris Hoy

Welcome to the second diary entry of Lewis Benson, Team Scotland Boxer and Glasgow Games 2014 Medal Hopeful

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Monday 7 July

This was a big day for me as I had to decide about going to Ireland for a training camp. I was still in a little pain and my back was going into spasms. I went to the physio, I was meant to have a 45 minute appointment but I ended up being there 1 hour 45 and we worked on everything to loosen my back off. It helped a lot but I still had a lot of restriction in my back so we decided it was better for me to stay in Edinburgh and train at Lochend. The physio advised me to go back to training today to work on a bit of flexibility before my massage. There’s been a massive difference since it first happened and I have another class tomorrow morning to work on it some more. With my mum and sister being away I have to look after myself, which is hard as they spoil me, so I went to the supermarket for pasta and hot spicy chicken drumsticks before popping in to my Dad’s. It was great to see him, we were talking about the Games and he’s so proud of me. I’m so happy to make my family proud as they mean so much to me and are a big part of my team. I am having an early night as I am up for a release session in the morning.

Sunday 6 July

I had a small full-Scottish breakfast which was amazing, then we had meetings in the big hall again then went to collect our kit. I didn’t quite pull off the shirt with the kilt, but the kilt by itself wasn’t too bad! I got back to Edinburgh in time to catch some of Wimbledon on TV, it’s a great sporting event and I love watching it. At dinner I had my steak, rice, eggs and onions – top training food. My back is still stiff but I’m on the road to recovery. This has been the longest period I haven’t trained in a while but I plan to try something new tomorrow.

Saturday 5 July

I was up bright and early to head through to Stirling for the Games briefing, so I only had time to grab something quick to eat – a porridge oats bar and banana – before hitting the road. The first session was like being back at school, we were in a massive lecture hall with 310 athletes sitting listening to past Games competitors and the organisers. Lunch was a load of salad and chicken and rice, but because the portions weren’t big I ended up going to the shop and buying another sandwich as I was still hungry! In the afternoon they unveiled the opening ceremony outfit – some people were not impressed but I’m sure it will grow on everyone. Then the athletes broke off into groups for talk from past winners. The advice we got was all great and it has been taken on board, I managed to get a selfie with Chris Hoy – the man’s a living legend and someone I look up to.

Friday 4 July

I didn’t have to set my alarm today as I couldn’t train because of my back, I was still in pain so had to give it a rest. I did do a phone interview with STV online, I’m getting better at interviews having given so many recently, before going for a massage. Afterwards I went to see my main sponsor Scott Whyte at Watermans Accident Claims and Care to discuss future activities and to sign some cardboard cut-outs of myself. They’re around 18” high and look amazing. For dinner I had fillet steak, rice and onions and two poached eggs – that’s my favourite meal, as I need to eat food that builds up my strength.

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