Scotland Named “Worst in Europe” for Unregulated Cosmetic Treatments

Warning as Cosmetic Treatments in Scotland Rated “Worst in Europe”

A report by the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) has labelled Scotland the “worst country in Europe” for unqualified individuals carrying out non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

A lack of legislation surrounding ever-popular treatments like Botox and cosmetic filler means that unqualified and unlicensed providers can freely offer these services to paying clients. Because these procedures are not regulated, there is often no way of being sure that the provider is using adequate equipment or products – or that they even have insurance!

Demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures has soared in recent years, with treatments being advertised by practitioners on social media making them more accessible for people of all ages. Worryingly in Scotland, there isn’t a ban on under-18s receiving cosmetic procedures, unlike our neighbours in England, meaning young people are travelling across the border to get these treatments.

Senior Associate at Watermans, Heather Tierney, says

“In Scotland, people advertising these services don’t need to be medically qualified, nor do they require compulsory insurance. This means that if something were to go wrong with the procedure, the injured party can have a difficult time getting the compensation they deserve for their suffering.”

“Cosmetic procedures, whether surgical or non-surgical, all carry their own risks, so it’s important that you do adequate research prior to getting a treatment to make sure you are engaging the services of a licensed medical professional. Because of the lack of regulation, practitioners could be using unlicensed or counterfeit products, which is very risky”.

Being able to advertise and book procedures on social media has increased access to these “lunch-break treatments”, with many practitioners offering Botox and other filler services from their own homes and in hairdressing and beauty salons.

Heather says

“This is an issue. If the unlicensed individual is working from a house or salon, they can simply move premises and change their social media profiles, meaning you find yourself without any contact details for them. Because there is no centralised governing body, tracking down individuals to complain or seek compensation can be difficult.”

Botched Botox and cosmetic procedures can result in serious injury. Painful effects can include scarring, bruising, and extreme swelling, which can lead to infection. Filler can also migrate to other parts of the face, resulting in disfigurement and severe discomfort.

If you are considering a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, it’s important to do your research and only engage the services of a qualified practitioner. Save Face is a UK-government approved register of accredited practitioners – resources like this, alongside extensive research, will help you to make the safest, most informed decision about your desired procedure.

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