Q&A with professional boxer Lewis Benson

After Lewis Benson’s first victory as a professional fighter earlier this month we caught-up with him to see what he has been up to since. Read on to find out more…

How have you been since your first professional boxing victory?

Yeah everything is good – I was meant to have a week off training, but I couldn’t last! I was in the gym the Tuesday after. I love boxing, it’s my life and I always want to improve. I’m still buzzing off it but I know it’s just the first of many.

What have you been doing since then?

Just training and not dieting! Diet will start on Monday for my second pro fight. I’m fit already but I never stop. How was your training in Spain, I see you got to train with Paul Malignaggi?

Training camp in Marbella was amazing, I got to spar with some good fighters including Paulie – what an experience I had! I’ve got a blog coming out next week that will tell everyone what I did day to day.

Did he give you any advice or boxing skills to take on board?

Yes loads. He was very impressed with me, he loved my jab and think I have the tools to go very far in boxing which is amazing coming from someone that’s seen and done it all. He told me never to get dragged into a fight because I can’t lose at long range.

Do you have any boxing legends that you look up to, or have inspired you?

I look up to Floyd Mayweather he’s my idol but I base my style on Tommy Hearn. If I can develop a bit more power I could be the next Tommy Hearn or at least I hope to be.

I see you have another fight scheduled in October, excited?

I’m next out on the 29th of October in Glasgow, and then back to Edinburgh, my home town in December. I’m buzzing for both fights – I just love to box!

Have you started preparing for it?

I haven’t stopped training – I could do a four rounder in my sleep and I hope to get stepped up to six rounds early next year.

Will you be preparing any differently this time around, compared to your first fight?

Just same as always but it will be more strength work. I want to start getting people out of there and stopping them.

What are the plans after the upcoming fights; or do you only have your eyes fixed towards this event?

I’m always focused on the task ahead but I am definitely looking for titles in the future, but one step at a time.

What do you do in your spare time?

Rest, which is the key as I can’t burn the candle at both ends – I need to be full of energy at all times!

Are there certain superstitions that you do prior to a bout?

I just like to be the class clown in the changing room I take nothing seriously until I get into the ring. I like my left glove going on first because the my jab is my weapon and I know it’s going to take me very far!