Mechanical mishap derails promising start for Watermans Rally Team

Mechanical problems undid a promising start for Watermans Rally Team duo John MacCrone and Rhianon Gelsomino at the Borders Counties Rally.

Though the sun did limit visibility, conditions in Jedburgh were dry; unlike the challenging blizzards that J-Mac and Gelsomino had to battle through in Inverness in the first stage. That marked the first time the duo had driven together in the Watermans Fiesta R5 and they continued to gel well in the early stages of the event and were well placed to push for a finish at the top of the grid after enjoying a strong rally in the first three stages.

At the halfway point of the rally, The Flying Islander and his Australian co-driver were nicely poised in fifth place overall. But during through the fourth stage the turbo clamp failed, leaving the team with no choice but to retire. Despite this, J-Mac and his co-driver continue to look like a strong pairing with the each minute in the car together they get.

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