Looking for Property on Arran? Why Now is the Best Time

Why Now is the Best Time to Find Property on Arran

A recent publication in The Times sparked a conversation about the availability of property on an island off the west coast of Scotland. The Isle of Arran, a short 55-minute ferry journey from the Scottish mainland, was highlighted in the article as being flooded with properties for sale, citing “disillusioned second home owners” as being one of the causes of migration to the mainland.

In the article, a local estate agent voiced their concerns about the number of properties for sale on the island, saying that they had seen a 70% increase in properties being marketed compared to this time last year – and that these properties were taking rather a long time to sell in comparison to mainland property sales statistics.

At Watermans, we have a slightly different view of the Arran property market, with our estate agency team having a more positive outlook on demand and supply on the island. Our team has a proven track record of selling on the Isle of Arran, taking on average just three weeks for a property to go under off after being brought to market.

Darren Lee, Director of Property Sales at Watermans, says that 70% of our sellers this year were not second home owners, and that the demand for life on Arran has never been higher – despite what the article in The Times alluded to.

Property on Arran

In fact, Darren says that demand for island living on Scotland’s famous isle has never been higher, and with such a variety of properties on offer, it would be hard not to find something to suit your needs. From cottages to bungalows and detached villas, there’s something for everyone. Arran also boasts numerous building plots for sale with opportunities to build your perfect family home on the picturesque island. For those with a flair for business, there are a number of commercial properties for sale including restaurants and properties with rental potential.

With so many employers offering hybrid and flexible working schemes since the pandemic, island living has never been more attainable – and is a reason that Darren claims is the cause of such high demand for property on Arran.

“Arran is as popular as ever with people of all ages. It’s not simply a retirement or holiday haven – many of our buyers now have hybrid working arrangements and, as such, can live on the island whilst retaining a job on the mainland. Many people living on the island are putting their property up for sale to capitalise on this desire for island living.”

Check out what Darren had to say about The Times article in this week’s Arran Banner.

Properties for sale on Arran

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