Lewis Benson’s Training Diary – Week Two


After a good day off yesterday, I felt ready and raring to go on the Monday. I started with my usual early morning run, which included a hill-climb at the end – feeling good! Went home for a quick breakfast before heading into Watermans for my first shift of the week. I finished one o’clock and then headed straight on to the gym.

I started off with weighted 4 x 3min shadow boxing, 3 x 3min on ladder then some pad-work which was 4 x 3min rounds, then went right onto the bag work which was 6 x 3 min rounds 4 on the normal bag and 2 on the speedball. I don’t usually use the speedball as I don’t really like it, but I need to step everything up at the minute if I want to be in the shape of my life for the fight! I finished up with some ab-work too.

After that I went home to refuel for tonight session, which was a nice rib eye stake and some rice – perfect after a hard day’s work. Evening session started at seven o’clock; 3×3 rounds of interval running followed by sprints, we then went back to the gym and did some circuits which lasted 40 mins. Finished up with a decent stretch session so I was ready for another day’s graft.


Up again at seven for another 3 mile run to start my day off. A good shift at work before going to Lochend for another session. I started again with weighted shadow rounds then onto the pads 5 x 3min rounds followed by some bag work, work on a normal bag followed by practising my hooks and uppercuts on the round heavy bag. I then went on to the speed bag which I find really hard but I’m trying to get better at it, then on to the speed ball.

I then did 2 rounds of plyometrics which is fast bursts of; press-ups, squat thrusts, burpees, sit-ups, jumps, lunges, and side lunges. I did them 10 times each as fast as I could, twice over. Finished off with some core work and ab work, need to look the part for the debut – ha!


Started with my usual 3 mile run, saw a lot of people out running this morning – always great when people see you out working hard! After work I headed over to the gym, did some shadow boxing, ladder exercise then bag and pad work. After that, Terry (my coach) and I worked on my defence – this meant him hitting me with foam poles and I would block and counterpunch on them, a really good work out then that was me done for the afternoon.

The evening session was a killer. We started with a mile run down to the Leith Links, then some interval running up a hill, followed by more sprints – almost broke me! We weren’t finished though, after that we had a mile run then 20 minutes of circuits followed by some stretches.

Hardest day of the training camp so far!


Got up and went for my usual run, followed by my shift at Watermans – my entire body is really sore. At the gym I did 4 x 3min weight shadow, 4 x 3min on the ladder followed by 4×3 on the pads then a couple of rounds with the foam sticks to work on my movement and footwork. Finished off with 3 rounds on the speedball – getting better every day with that.

I finished off with a wee warm down and stretch – a much easier day today after yesterday. In the evening I went to the gym with my mate Jaxon, who is helping me to get a stronger and a bigger frame for the fight.


After six early morning runs, I decided to have a rest and went straight to work before going onto Lochend. Full session today; weighted shadow, bag work, pad work, work on my defence and I finished with my ab work – good session done! I then checked my weight and I had lost over 3kg from Monday, so the diet is working well.

Had a chilled Friday night with the boys.


Had a long lie-in this morning and went into training at eleven o’clock, did 7×3 min rounds on the bag – I feel a lot fitter than I did last Saturday. I then did 25 mins of circuit training which was tough but after that I was able to chill out and watch the boxing in the evening.


I normally rest on Sundays but I’ve decided to train everyday with longer rest times in between sessions. So, I went to a pilates class which was really good and hard on the core but it was something different. Later on I went to the gym with Jaxon and my pal Sean – worked on my chest and triceps which was a really hard session done but then finished with a nice steamroom and jacuzzi.

Great end to a hard week!