Lewis Benson’s Training Diary – Week Three


No run this morning because I wanted to check my fitness out at night as we are doing interval running. Arrived at Lochend Gym at one o’clock, straight into a wee warm up followed by weighted shadow boxing four rounds, followed by four rounds on the ladder. I then did a couple of rounds on the bags before getting called for pad work. I did five rounds on the pads followed by two rounds on the foam sticks – I was really sharp today! Finished with four rounds on the bags and two on the speed ball.

In the evening session it was time to find out if missing my morning run was worth it on the running and yes, I smashed it – came first in every round! Then right into the gym for 25 mins of circuit training.


Back to the running this morning with the 3.5 mile run – feeling good and relaxed, I definitely feel the fitness coming up. In work for nine then onto the gym at one, started with a quick warm up then weighted shadow boxing followed by four rounds on the ladder. Five rounds on pads followed by a round on the foam sticks. Then four rounds on the bags followed by two on the speed ball. At night I went to my weights gym with my mate Jaxon and worked on back and shoulders – feeling a lot stronger and see myself getting a lot bigger.


As usual I started the day with a run then into work at nine followed by training after lunch. Started with weighted shadow boxing rounds, followed by rounds on the ladder. I then went onto the bags, my coach is really pleased with my progress – in fact I’m ahead of schedule! After a little foam stick work he told me to do a cool down and have a rest day. I’ve been training really hard, so the rest did some good, back to it tomorrow though!


Started with a run followed by work then right into the gym at one o’clock. I did four rounds of the weighted shadow, then four rounds on the pads and two on the foam sticks. I then started to do some ab work before Terry told me that I have to do strength training which was incredibly tough, this meant doing eight separate weights sections with a mixture of arms and legs exercises. It’s a great exercise but absolutely solid, especially after doing each section twice!


Straight to Watermans this morning before heading to the gym as per usual. I did a good warm up followed by four rounds weighted shadow boxing then we went into bag intervals which is possibly one of the hardest things ever – its ten seconds of boxing and moving then ten seconds of power shots, then back to boxing and moving then into speed combinations for ten seconds. After doing ten x three minute rounds I realised I was back to full fitness because I smashed it!


Had a lie-in this morning and headed into the gym for eleven o’clock. I started off with four rounds of sprints which were hard but my fitness is really good – I was finishing every lap just behind John Thain (nobody ever beats John – Ha!) but it was a good lung buster and my recovery time was really good which was another bonus. Then we went back into the gym for some bag work rounds intervals which were a lot easier than yesterday. We then finished with 20 mins of circuit training.

Chilled for the rest of the day.


After thirteen days of training everyday I’ve decided to have rest day to chill out and recover. I start sparring tomorrow, which I looking forward to as I have haven’t punched anyone since May! Ha! Sounds weird but that’s a long time for a boxer like me!