Lewis Benson’s Training Diary – Week Six

As a Waterman’s Ambassador Lewis Benson has granted us special behind-the-scenes access as he prepares for his first fight as a professional boxer. Keep up-to-date with his progress ahead the bout on September 5th at Meadowbank Sports Arena.


Really hard sparring session after work today. I did 4 x 3 min rounds with Josh Taylor, but when we spar it’s like a proper fight! I really enjoy it though and it’s really good for me to get some practice in like that. I did six rounds on the bags then I did a core circuit, ab work then headed back in at night for running and circuits. All the boys pushed each other to the limit – it was hard but good! Then back into the gym for circuits in the weight room.


Back to the running this morning, started off with a 3.5 mile run which felt good. Work at nine then onto the gym after lunch. Started with a quick warm-up then weighted shadow boxing for four rounds, followed by four rounds on the ladder. I then did five rounds on the pads followed by two rounds on the foam sticks. After that I did some rounds on the bags followed the speed ball, some ab work, pull up and dips circuits. Followed by a good cool down and stretch. What a day!


Work then the gym at one o’clock – another sparring day with John Thain. We did five rounds today and it was a great spar, he’s a bit bigger than me so it’s tougher on me but it also really gives me a brilliant workout. After the sparring I did some bag work; 12 rounds of punching after then six rounds of plyometrics which are good for my explosiveness. I was back in at night for running and circuits, we did six 250 meter sprints followed by a round of sprits which was so hard you felt it in your legs but it’s all good! After we headed back into the gym for 30 mins of circuits.


Started the day with a three mile run, followed by work then right into the gym at one o’clock. I began with four rounds of shadow boxing then went onto do six rounds on the pads followed by two on the foam sticks, then four on the bags and two on the speedball!! After that I did my pull-up and dips circuit followed by a core circuit which was really hard, another tough day but buzzing by the end!


No run this morning, so I went to straight into Watermans followed and then onto the gym. Took it a little easier today easy. So we just did four rounds sparring, six rounds on the bags then finished with ab work. Keeping it fresh for tomorrow!


Long-lie this morning then into the gym for 11 o’clock. We started off with a good warm-up followed by eight rounds of sparring which was tough but really good. I did four rounds with Josh Taylor followed by two rounds rest then went straight in with John Thain for two rounds and I finished with a professional a lot heavier than me – it went well though and I’m getting sharper every day. After that we did three rounds of a strength circuit followed by 10 mins of continuous abs which was hard a really big burn!


Rest day – I need it after week I’ve just had!!