Lewis Benson’s Training Diary – Week Four

As a Waterman’s Ambassador Lewis Benson has granted us special behind-the-scenes access as he prepares for his first fight as a professional boxer. Keep up-to-date with his progress ahead the bout on September 5th at Meadowbank Sports Arena.

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No running in the mornings this as I start sparring this week! I’ve never been so buzzing for training in my life as I haven’t sparred since May – can’t wait to get back in there.

After finishing up at Watermans, Terry lets me and Stephen (my sparring partner) know that we won’t be sparring today! We didn’t listen and he eventually said yes to it! First round starts well for us both exchanging good blows. Just before the start of round one I notice his eye starting to swell-up and then it just got worse and the sparring had to stop… lesson learnt, listen to your coach… haha!

So I just went right onto the pads after, followed by bag work and speedball. Then to finish off I did some core circuits. Starting to see all the results for hard training! Back home to refuel before heading to the gym at seven for running intervals and circuits hard session at night but it’s all done and in the tank!


Exciting day today I have planned to spar with John Thain our top professional in the gym. We always have great sessions and I know he’s fit and sharp after coming back from a training camp in Ireland, got a good warm up before we started it was 3 x 3 min rounds. The first round we both landing good shots on each other – I was really sharp. Second round was really good by both of us but I started to feel the pace as it’s my first spar back and I could tell he stepped it up! It was great for me to get my first 3 x 3s under my belt but it took a lot out of me. I’m fit but I’m not ring fit yet so the sparring will help.

After that I did some bag work, then the foam sticks and finished on the speedball before I did four sets of plyometrics, which are seven exercises done ten times each as fast as you can – as you can imagine it’s a good lung buster! Good stretch then that was me. Went for a wee run at nine o’clock at night with a few sprints involved as well. I decided to text Terry to try and arrange sparring with John again for tomorrow because I loved it that much ha! It’s on again tomorrow I CAN’T WAIT.


Good stint at Watermans, then onto the Gym. I got a good warm up before sparring with John, I was ready to go! Yesterday I tired a lot at the end, so today I knew I needed to relax more and stop loading up with punches. Today went a lot better, I did four rounds which was good progress as yesterday I was struggling with three rounds. Feeling much better today – it’s amazing how quick you start to get your sharpness back. After sparring I did some bag work then finished with a core circuit.

Home to refuel before I needed to get back to the gym for seven o’clock for running and circuits. All the boys in the Gym did a 4 x 500m sprint race it was really hard as all the boys pushed each other to the limit. Then back into the gym at night for circuits. Another good day of training done!


Today was a rest day as I went to Liverpool for my medical – time to get serious. The day started at six a.m. I picked up Stephen Tiffney, my Lochend teammate, before driving to go and meet Tommy Philbin as he was driving to our medicals in Liverpool. Firstly we had an eye test, then we went to the hospital for a full medical exam followed by a brain scan. We were there all day and didn’t get back till 11 o’clock it was a long day but it was good to get everything sorted. Job done.


Same again today – four rounds with John. The spars this week have been amazing with both of us going at it from the off, followed by a bit of inside work on the bags just planting my feet and working at short range – something I need to improve but I’m getting better everyday. I finished with a core circuit and pull-up and dips circuit. Wasn’t a very hard day today as I’m sparring with boys from Glasgow tomorrow. I had a nice chilled night and was looking forward to sparring tomorrow.


Into the gym for 11 o’clock for a good warm up before sparring started at 1130. Today I was sparring with a good friend of mine Stewart Burt, he’s an undefeated professional at the weight above me. It was a great spar with both of us landing good shots, I felt a massive difference from my first spar on Tuesday, I’m planting my feet a lot more now and letting my hands go. My right hand has improved so much over the last month. I’m a lot stronger now as well!! We did three rounds then we both done three rounds with John which was more superb sparring – that brought my rounds up to 18 for week one which is really good.


It was massive for me today as I was granted my professional licence in Motherwell – absolutely brilliant feeling. Now I can fully focus on fight night.