Lewis Benson’s Training Diary – Week Five

As a Waterman’s Ambassador Lewis Benson has granted us special behind-the-scenes access as he prepares for his first fight as a professional boxer. Keep up-to-date with his progress ahead the bout on September 5th at Meadowbank Sports Arena.

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Back to the hard work this week with a five mile run to start the day, extra tough this morning because I finished with a big hill climb! Wee shift at work then onto the gym at one for a sparring session. Today I did four rounds with John Thain, the sparring has been top class for the both of us.

After that I did two rounds on the bags, before two rounds on the foam sticks, followed by two on the speed bag then, two on the speed bag and I always do 12 rounds of punching a day. I am feeling quiet tired after all the training I’ve been doing but I know I’ve got a good four days of recovery at the end of the week. Home to fuel up before running and circuits at seven o’clock – hard 4 rounds of running done the 20 mins of circuits followed by a skip to warm down. These circuits are killers!


Woke up in agony from yesterday, but I pushed myself into going out for a slow 2.5 mile run. Into the gym after lunch as per usual. I did four rounds on the foam sticks, six on the bags and two on the speed ball, then did a good strength and core session with Stephen Tiffney – who is also making his debut with me on the September 5 show. Finished off with some ab work. I did sprints at night which was hard but really good!


No run today as I need to recover for a sparring session with John, then another one with a young amateur boxer at the Club, good hard sparring! I did two on the bags followed by two on the foam sticks and two on the speed bag then finished on the speed ball. I did some core work and sit ups to finish. My body was in agony and I was not looking forward to training at night, but the weather was really bad so we ended up sparring again anyway! Hard night in the gym but it’s an easy end to the week now.


Great few days ahead for me now! Short shift at work followed by watching the sparring in the gym, and then some sprints at night. I’m feeling the need to recharge my batteries before starting hard again next week.


Today I’m travelling to York for a family wedding so there was no training today. Had a great day at my uncle’s wedding followed by a sober party at night! That doesn’t bother me because I know it will be worth it come fight night.



Travelled back up the road then when I got home went for a run and chilled out at night


Did a good morning run then had the rest of the day off, I feel recharged and ready to go again on Monday. Bing it on!