Lewis Benson's Return to Ring After a Seven Month Layoff

The 25 year old boxer, who is Watermans longest running Sport Ambassador, is itching to step back in the ring. In his recent interview with Suzan Egelstaff for Herald on Sunday, he expresses:

“The last year has been really tough for me so I’m absolutely desperate to get going. I’ve had a great training camp and I’ve never felt as good in my entire career as I feel right now.”

Benson turned professional in 2015, after a hugely successful amateur career. It was in the second year as a pro when the Edinburgh boxer suffered a ligament damage that left him to rest for four months.

“I started my second year very well too and I had my best performance of the season but during that fight, I hurt my hand. There was nothing broken but there was ligament damage and it took me four months to be able to punch again. I wasn’t able to train – I just had to wait for it to heal which was so tough. I actually ended up taking a month away from the sport just to get myself back to 100 percent.”

After a victory in March, earlier this year Lewis was set to make a full return, but a back injury during sparring caused him to cancel all fights.

Benson is set to make a big comeback during Capital Collision’s show in Edinburgh this Friday. He is confident and ready to make a real breakthrough next year.

“First, I want to win a British title, and then I want to win a Commonwealth title. I know I’m completely capable of winning those titles and when I get there, I’ll set myself new goals. It’s all about being patient but I want to do that in 2018, that’s the timescale I’m looking at it.“