Kimye Divorce

Kimye may have lasted more than 72 days but after 7 years Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally filed for divorce. Fans have been speculating over their marriage status for months now. With over 211 million Instagram followers between them, they have not been pictured together since Kim’s 40th birthday last October. Though the public have been prying into their personal lives for years, we can only speculate through Kanye West’s Twitter. Kim sensibly has remained quiet on their separation. Though with four children and several million-dollar properties, we predict that this will be a high-profile divorce for the celebrity couple.

Lawyers everywhere can rest easy. There is a prenup.


Pre-nuptial agreements in Scotland:

Scotland has a significant lack of the celebrity culture madness that occurs in America. Therefore, fewer couples give any thought to prenups; this may be because they don’t have multi-million-pound companies to protect. However, we are seeing more savvy millennials drawing up written agreements for flat purchases; emphasising who paid for what. This is handy to have as part of your property purchase, but also in the event of a break-up!  A well drafted pre-nuptial agreement which both parties consider to be fair and reasonable at the time the agreement is entered into, is still a good idea.


Splitting the Estate

Quarantining obviously did not work for this Famous couple, and they are financially fortunate to have a long list of properties to fly off to in order to escape their spouse. The couple added real estate to their many passions and will now have to split an impressive $100 million portfolio. As there is a prenup in place, Kim is no Gold Digger. She will keep her properties which she accumulated through her reality TV show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, and her many business ventures in fragrance and support wear. Kanye will retain his properties obtained through his music and fashion business. With a prenup in place, they are likely to have minimal drama with dividing their empire of homes across America.


Custody of Children

Yet, most importantly, Kim and Kanye have four children under the age of ten. North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm. At present, Kim Kardashian is seeking joint custody. This may not result in equally split time and r

esponsibility. The term may be merely for appearances sake, as the children have thus far remained with their mother. In Scotland shared care arrangements are decided by what is in the best interests of the children. Given the Kardashian’s tight knit family are in LA, along with North’s school and friends, the four children are likely to remain with Kim.


Divorce Proceedings

To retain as much privacy as they can during this tense time, they have chosen to pay for a private judge. This is not unusual for high-profile American couples to keep the divorce battle proceedings from reaching the tabloids and public gossip. In Scotland, there are less high-profile stars to fill the courtrooms, and so it is not possible to pay for a private Sheriff. In Family Law cases, especially in cases which involve children, party names are not usually disclosed in Scottish Court Judgements which made available to the public. If a couple with no children under the age of sixteen files for divorce, they can apply for a simplified divorce. This would likely mean that they could avoid a costly and protracted court case.

It is predicted that the Kardashian v West negotiations will remain amicable and within 6 months they will be officially divorced. However, not all proceedings remain friendly. Emotions and frustration can often prolong a once simple case.

Kim is reportedly working with her team for a complete rebrand of her image after the split. Kanye may run for President again or create a new fashion line. Only time will tell.


We hope that this split only makes Kanye Stronger and wish Kim luck with her Bar exams.

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