Glasgow - The Most Dangerous Place to Work in the UK?

According to a recent study by Alfa Industrial Services, Glasgow has been revealed as the most dangerous place to work in the UK.

The research, based on data from the Health and Safety Executive’s official website, names Glasgow as the most hazardous place to work, with four other Scottish councils also making it into the top ten.

The study, based on workplace fatality records from the last decade, acts as a stark reminder to employers to ensure they have the correct health and safety measures in place, to avoid the risk of a workplace accident occurring.

Scotland is home to a diverse economy, with a large proportion of the Scottish workforce employed in manufacturing, agriculture and engineering. Employees often have to work in hazardous conditions to complete these jobs, like out at sea on oil rigs, operating large heavy machinery on farms, or in loud and busy factories.

Some of these professions are naturally deemed riskier than others, and so it is of utmost importance that correct training is provided to employees. Health and safety standards must be updated regularly and adhered to, and employers are advised to complete regular risk assessments to avoid any accidents.

A study conducted last year by StandOut CV revealed the most dangerous jobs in the UK. In 2022, some of the most hazardous occupations were revealed to be oil rig workers, tree surgeons, forklift drivers, and roofers, amongst many others. In order to maximise your safety at work, our Personal Injury team advises employees to

  • Always wear the correct protective gear, like hard hats, gloves, and safety harnesses, where the job requires
  • Ensure that equipment is stored correctly and that walkways are kept clear
  • Keep up to date on any new safety protocols outlined by your employer
  • Don’t take shortcuts to get the job done – make sure correct procedures are followed
  • Report any hazards to your supervisor or employer as soon as they arise
  • Ensure all machinery is properly serviced before use

Your employer has to provide you with adequate training and equipment, and a safe working environment, by law. Regular risk assessments will reduce the chance of a workplace accident occurring, as will continuous training and development courses. Our Head of Personal Injury at Watermans, Susanne McGraw, says

“Most people go to work out of necessity to pay for everyday things and to have a better life. It is therefore essential that employers look after their employees and provide them with a safe environment within which to work, and also that employees follow the instructions provided to them.”

“It should not be the case that someone leaves their home in the morning either never to return or return injured, simply because of a failure to follow simple health and safety guidelines.”

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