First Time Buyers Online Seminar: April 22nd

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Have you been dreaming of buying your first home but don’t know where to start?

Buying your first home & finally getting onto the property ladder can be so exciting. It can also be extremely daunting. At Watermans Legal, we understand that this is a huge step to take and we are here to help!

On Thursday 22nd April, Watermans Legal will be hosting a FREE Online Seminar for First Time Buyers and we’d like to invite you along!

Our online seminar event will take place virtually as it is live-streamed through YouTube. Starting at 6pm, we will be joined by our panel of industry experts who will cover a wide range of topics associated with Buying Your First Home in Scotland, such as:

  • Purchasing tacticsfirsttimebuyers v5 small
  • Home Reports
  • Submitting offers
  • Price negotiations.
  • Government assisted programmes to help with your first purchase

We will debunk some of the myths and contradictions of home buying. Our industry experts will offer their advice and expertise on how to make the process that little bit simpler.

This event will be ideal for anyone in the process of buying their own home. Or for those looking to buy in the near future. This seminar will provide an explanation to the estate agency jargon and terminology, tax, and highlight the necessary paperwork.

To reserve your space at the Watermans Legal Free First Time Buyer Online Seminar, complete the registration form below and we will send you the Zoom link.

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First Time Buyer Event Speakers:

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Shawn Wood – Solicitor at Watermans Legal 

As the Head of Conveyancing at Watermans Legal, Shawn has a wealth of experience working with First Time Buyers to successfully purchase their new home.  He will be talking us through a “Step By Step” Guide to buying your first property in Scotland and the importance of choosing the right solicitor to act for you.

Shawn will also be breaking down that pesky “legal jargon” into easy to understand information. Everything from “What is a Note of Interest and how do I register one?” to “What are missives and do I sign them?”

He’ll also give you a breakdown on what the costs are that are involved with purchasing your first home and what the process is if you’re being gifted money from family and friends to help you buy. Thinking of buying a New Build property direct from a builder? Shawn will break this process down to explain the extra costs that a buyer is responsible for that aren’t the same as buying a second-home on the market.

Most importantly, he’ll be talking with you about the importance of having a Will prepared!

Head of Property Sales

Tzana Webster – Head of Property Sales at Watermans Legal

As a First Time Buyer, finally getting to view properties is where the fun is at. As the Head of Property Sales for Watermans Legal, Tzana will be giving you a first-hand insight into how to help First Time Buyers find the right property and providing tips for things to ask during viewings and working out strategies on setting your budget and what to offer.

She’ll also be going over the current government guidelines with Coronavirus and Moving House. Giving you additional information on how to be a First Time Buyer during a global pandemic and securing your first purchase.

Stephanie Cormack – Senior Mortgage and Protection Adviser at Cara Mortgages


Stephanie will be talking with us to answer the real questions on “How much deposit does a First Time Buyer actually need?”. She will provide us additional information on the various First Time Buyer Purchase Schemes available and what government assistance can First Time Buyers in Scotland receive. As well as explaining what the different types of mortgage options are, such as Fixed Term, Tracker Mortgages or Variable Mortgages.

Stephanie will have helpful guides to show you like a Budget Spreadsheet and the Cara Mortgages Mortgage Calculator and the useful tips from a Mortgage Advisor on what First Time Buyers need when they start their searching for their dream home.

To reserve your space at the Watermans Legal Free First Time Buyer Online Seminar, complete the registration form below and we will send you the Zoom link.