Coronavirus lockdown: what happens if I want a divorce? | Watermans

The impact of coronavirus on divorce rates

The coronavirus lockdown is testing couples and families in a way that may have never been considered at the start of the year.

The combination of being stuck together on lockdown, coupled with financial worries brought on by COVID-19 can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to even the strongest of marriages.

A young couple in quarantine may emerge with an engagement to announce.  However, some families may falter and discover that they must separate and seek a divorce.

So what options are available to someone wanting to take the first steps towards marriage separation and divorce during the coronavirus lockdown?

Sarah Bird, a Senior Solicitor in our Family Law team at Watermans, is currently working remotely and can provide advice with a phone call. Given the current crisis she is offering a free fifteen-minute private and confidential chat about marriage separation and divorce proceedings.

What happens if I want a divorce while isolating?

Divorces can be highly pressured at the best of times, but isolating is likely to escalate feelings and emotions even more so. If there’s conflict involved it’s important to ask your lawyer the best advice on coming to a resolution.

Our team of family lawyers can help to guide you through every aspect of the divorce, and we will happily answer any questions that you may have about starting divorce proceedings and the process.

Although divorces can be complex, our solicitors are highly skilled when it comes to the entire divorce process and we can guide clients through this.

What happens next?

The early stages of separation involve taking down a note of the family members, date of marriage, date of separation, property and finance details and, of course, child matters.

We are happy for a new client to email over some background information in advance of a call.

Contact us for free advice if you have questions around separation or divorce proceedings.