Coronavirus lockdown: can I still make a will? | Watermans

The importance of making a will and getting your affairs in order during the coronavirus pandemic

The demand for wills has soared in the past month after fears over coronavirus has encouraged people to get their affairs in order.

According to recent research, the demand for wills has surged by a whopping 70 per cent as the elderly and vulnerable brace themselves for the onset of COVID-19.

Key workers, including NHS doctors and police officers are also being encouraged to put their affairs in order as they fight on the frontline of the pandemic.

Although it is a difficult topic for many of us to think about, having a will has many benefits when it comes to dealing with a global health pandemic. Here, Shawn Wood, a solicitor at Watermans, offers his advice.

Can I still make a will if I’m self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic?

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many of our clients are understandably concerned and have contacted us to prepare a new will or amend an existing will.

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff. Wills can allow our clients to have peace of mind that they have a valid will in place, without putting themselves at any risk doing so.

In light of this, we are pleased to confirm that we can still meet the demand of our clients and can prepare wills as quickly as possible.

Whilst our office is closed to the public, we can still take appointments by phone and video call (such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom) in order to obtain client instructions and discuss their needs.

A will can be drawn up quickly. After an initial consultation, we can prepare a draft which will be emailed or posted for review. Once approved, we will send a final version for signing. Once signed, the hard copy must be returned to our office to allow us to complete the will. We will then send a copy to the client.

We’re also able to prepare a Power of Attorney which allows clients to appoint a person or people to deal with their financial &/or welfare affairs should they lose capacity. Wills and Power of Attorney documents can be prepared separately, or together.

What are the benefits of creating a will?

Some of the benefits of preparing a will, include:

  • It allows you to have control and appoint an Executor (the person/people who will wind up your Estate on death) and appoint beneficiaries who are to inherit your Estate
  • A clear and well written will by a Solicitor can ensure that your wishes are followed

  • Naturally bereavement is a difficult time for all of us but having a will ensures that the winding up process is more straightforward & time/cost effective
  • Without a will you lose control of who is appointed as your Executor and who should inherit your assets. Scots Law then dictates on who is to inherit your estate. Winding up an estate when there is no will can often be more complex and takes considerably more time to complete the process

 How can Watermans help?

If you are interested in finding out about our services, please read more about our wills services or call us on 0131 555 7055.