Co-parenting during the lockdown – what you need to know from Watermans

Shared contact between separated parents during COVID-19 quarantine 

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic can be stressful enough without separated parents getting into a heated debate over where their children should stay as strict new measures come into force during the UK lockdown.

Boris Johnson’s announcement this week rightly left some parents, whose children split their time between households, questioning their co-parenting arrangements.

Sarah Hay, Watermans’ family law solicitor, offers insights to support your family during this time.

Sarah Hay of watermans


Key concerns for families

The families who have contacted us for advice so far have been concerned for a few reasons:

  • They’re worried they won’t be able to see their children if they do not live with them full-time
  • That their children will become unwell if flitting between households
  •  They’ve raised concerns about ex-partners potentially breaking court orders or using the current warnings to self-isolate to flout current arrangements either agreed or ordered by the court

So, what happens to the children during the quarantine period if parents are separated?

Are children allowed to visit separated parents during the Coronavirus lockdown?


The Government has advised that if parents don’t live in the same house then children under 18 will still be able to be moved between their parents.

Wherever possible it’s advised to consider the health of the children concerned and the health of people they will be living with when going between residences. The NHS’s COVID-19 health advice offers useful guidance to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We will try our best to ease your coronavirus concerns

Our experienced Scottish family law team can offer legal advice to anyone who may be in this situation, has concerns and requires assistance with shared contact.

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