Cladding Crisis in Scotland Online Seminar Event

On Thursday, 24th February from 6-8pm, Watermans will be hosting an Online Seminar about the Cladding Crisis in Scotland and we would like to invite you along.

The online event will take place virtually over YouTube, starting at 6pm and we will be joined by our panel of industry experts who will cover a wide range of topics associated with the Cladding Crisis in Scotland, such as:

Things we will be covering at this event:

  • What is “Cladding” and how do I know if the property I own is affected by cladding?
  • What is an EWS1 form and how do I get one?
  • Can I sell my property if the building has cladding? What do I need to do to sell?
  • I’m interested to buy a property in Scotland, but the Home Report Survey says that there’s cladding or recommends that an EWS1 form is required – is it okay or safe for me to buy a property with cladding?
  • I need to re-mortgage my property – either because my current mortgage is about to expire or because I want to release equity – what are my options if my building has cladding or needs an EWS1 Form?
  • What is the Scottish Government doing about the Cladding Crisis?
  • What is a Single Building Assessment Form?

To reserve your space at the Watermans Legal Virtual Cladding Crisis Seminar, complete the registration form below and we will send you the private YouTube link.

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Did you catch our first Online Cladding Seminar? Check out the Cladding in Scotland & EWS1 Forms for more info.  

Have more questions?

Get in touch with the Watermans Team: 0131 555 7055 | [email protected]


Cladding Event Speakers:

Shawn Wood – Head of Conveyancing at Watermans

Shawn will talk through the purchase side of the process, acting for buyers who are interested in a property that has cladding or has had it noted in the HR about requiring an EWS1 form.

Tzana Webster – Director of Property Sales at Watermans

Tzana will be speaking about the sale side of the process, acting for property owners who have a property that they need or want to sell which has cladding or external additions which are noted on the HR as requiring an EWS1 form.

Chris Hunter – Director at Graham & Sibbald Chartered Surveyors

Chris will discuss Home Report Surveys and the RICS guidance and information relating to Home Report Surveys and Valuation Reports for lenders which note EWS1 requirements because of cladding or external additions.

Phil Diamond – MRICS  Diamond & Co

Phil is a qualified provider of EWS1 forms. He’ll talk us through the services that his company at Diamond & Co can offer to homeowners and property buyers in Scotland. He will also give useful insight into his experience with the Scottish Government’s pilot scheme for Single Building Assessment.

Darren Hunter – Mortgage and Protection Specialist at Hunter Wealth Management

Darren will speak about acting for property buyers in Scotland who want to purchase a property that may require an EWS1 form, as well as working with homeowners who are looking to remortgage their property which have cladding or require an EWS1 form.