Caroline Bennie, HR Manager

Caroline Bennie is the HR Manager for Watermans. She plays a key role in our Senior management team at Watermans, and is a great support to the team. Caroline has an experienced background in Commercial and HR roles. She has an MSc in Human Resource Management and is also a Chartered Member of the CIPD.

“Who is your female icon and what makes them iconic?”

Caroline square

Doesn’t it show progress that when I’m asked who my female icon is, I can think of so many that it’s a struggle to narrow it down to one?! A few famous names always come up; Michelle Obama, Jacinda Ahern, Malala Yousef, BEYONCE! The list goes on…

And then there’s the fictional ones, Elizabeth Bennet always being one that resonates with me.

Each of them stands out for their ability to overcome adversity, show their true selves, and deliver in their area of expertise with passion.

What does Feminism mean to you?

Equality to me is women having the same opportunity for choice as men. Opportunities should be afforded on merit, not gender, or the many other characteristics that still appear to count people out of the chance to fulfil their potential.

I’m proud to say we do that at Watermans and isn’t amazing to see what we can achieve when the opportunity is presented?!