A day in the life of...an estate agent on lockdown - Watermans Legal

Ever wondered how an estate agent works while on lockdown? Jacquie Sandison from Watermans Legal gives us the lowdown.

When I was asked to write this article, I thought, where do I start, as there are no two days the same when working as an Estate Agent in Edinburgh.

My typical day starts around 6.30am where I check my emails and prepare my agenda for the day. Every morning I like read some nuggets of inspiration, emails from people like Josh Phegan, a real estate coach and motivator and Tom Ferry, another person who I find really gets me motivated for the day ahead. Every day is a school day after all.

Once set up in the home office I’ll start the day with a meeting alongside out legal team to discuss the progression of sales, new clients, offers, new property coming to the market and what valuations are scheduled.

One aspect to the day which I enjoy most is setting a closing date for our clients’ properties, which is a very exciting and an important part of the job.

Once a closing date has been set and offers arrive, I love delivering the news to my clients of how much buyers have offered for their homes with the knowledge that I in some way have helped them move on to the next stage of their lives.

Every day I’ll reply to buyers who have requested viewings, home reports and those who would like a market appraisal of their home. We have a good rapport going with our clients and engage with them regularly.

Preparing for valuations is important. I’ll take a close look at what has been happening with property sales in the street, neighbourhood and surrounding area and put together a tailor made presentation for my property market appraisal for them. I love this part of my job, and miss getting out to meet people and playing a part in their home move journey.

Most days I am visiting people in the comfort of their own homes, discussing their plans for the future and helping them realise their property ambitions. I feel blessed to be part of the journey.

Although lockdown is rather different to what I’m used to, I’m grateful that the people of Edinburgh are staying safe during this difficult time.