Your personal injury claim checklist

When you, or a loved one, have been involved in a serious road traffic accident, it’s a stressful time. Getting compensation for any injuries or losses suffered may be the last thing on your mind – but it’s important to look at all your options. This handy checklist will help you to think through all the things you need to do before you make a claim for financial compensation following a serious road traffic accident.

Before you do anything else:

[ ] Report the accident to the police

[ ] Gather as much information about the accident as possible

  • Take photographs if you can
  • Write an account of what happened
  • Draw a diagram of the circumstances
  • Get the contact details of any witnesses

[ ] Get the full details of the other party involved

  • name
  • address
  • vehicle registration number
  • description of person and vehicle
  • their insurance details

Things to consider before making a personal injury claim

[ ] Was the accident someone else’s fault?

If we can show that someone else was to blame for the accident, you could have a strong case for a claim. Who is at fault will depend on the individual circumstances of each accident. Your personal injury solicitor will assess the facts in your case and advise you on how to progress. It will help your case if you have:

  • Details of your injuries and, if possible, the accident scene
  • Details of anyone who witnessed the accident
  • Receipts from any out-of-pocket expenses (hospital parking charges, prescription costs, damaged property such as clothing or a car seat).

[ ] Did the accident happen within the last three years?

You have three years from the date of the accident – or where the accident involves a child, at any time up to three years after the child’s 16th birthday – in order to either settle your claim with the at fault party or at least have the case raised in court.

[ ] Did the accident take place in Scotland?

Watermans is a specialist in Scots Law. If your accident took place in Scotland, we can help with your case. We also take cases where the accident took place outside of the UK, for example, if you were in a hire car on holiday.

[ ] What kind of accident was it?

Personal injury claims following serious road traffic accidents include everything from relatively minor injuries that cause pain and discomfort for a few weeks to fatal accidents. We also deal with accidents caused by slips and trips and accidents that occur as a result of defective products.

[ ] What can I claim for following a serious accident?

We can claim for the pain and suffering caused by your injuries (known as solatium) and also for any financial losses related to the accident. This could be loss of earnings, the cost of specialist medical treatment or any other expenses.

What will your solicitor need before making a claim on your behalf?

[ ] Details of the accident:

      • Date, time, what happened
      • Details of the parties involved in the accident
      • Contact details of any witnesses
      • Details of your injuries and treatment received

[ ] Supporting documents

      • Proof of loss of earnings and other expenses (wage slips, receipts, etc)
      • Confirmation of any legal expenses insurance policy you may have
      • Any further evidence available to support your claim

What’s next?

For most people, pursuing a claim is a step into the unknown, which can seem daunting. Our job is to help our clients get the compensation that they deserve and to make the claims process as clear and straightforward as possible. It won’t cost you to find out more or to make your claim. We work on a no win, no fee basis. We can also help you to get the medical care you need.

So why not find out more and speak to your personal injury lawyer today?