When the fun stops – Who Pays for Theme Park Injuries?

A trip to a theme park can be an unforgettable experience and a great way to spend the day. For most people, the memories are positive ones; but what if something happens and you end up getting injured during a theme park visit? Who’s held responsible?

Well, as with almost every personal injury claim the main question to that of ‘who is at fault’? And that applies to the many different scenarios and situations that can unfortunately happen at any theme park – large or small. Let’s look at these now.

When thrills turn to spills

Trips and slips are a common cause of accidents and – as a result – personal injury claims in everyday life. So why should theme parks be any different? In fact, when you stop to think about, there’s any number of ways you could come a cropper in a theme park.

From the car park to the theme park itself, the theme park owner has a duty to maintain the grounds. A fall or trip caused by a hidden obstacle, skiddy surface, a spillage left unattended or poorly lit areas could also result in injury which you could claim for.

When rides go wrong

The theme park owner also has a duty to ensure all of the rides and attractions in the park are in good order. If you’re jolted, thrown or bashed as a passenger on a ride that’s broken down or not working properly, you may have grounds for personal injury claim.

When the food leaves a bad taste

There’s nothing like a hot dog, ice cream or some candy floss at a theme park – it’s part of the experience. But if you end up with food poisoning, it’s no laughing matter. If you can prove your illness was down to theme park food, you may have grounds for a claim.

Objects falling from a height

Theme parks are a pretty lively affair, with lots of signage, lights and rides that reach great heights. However, if at any point during your visit you are hit by a falling object that was not properly secured or as a result of poor maintenance you may grounds for a claim. Again, it is a question of whether fault lies with the owner/organiser or not.

Seeking professional advice if you have suffered an injury at a theme park can prove invaluable. A qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to provide the help you need.