Selling A Home with Pets

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When you have pets, selling a home might seem more challenging. However, with the right plan and advice, selling a home with pets won’t be an issue. Watermans have the experience and property knowledge to get your home buyer-ready; all whilst keeping your pets safe and happy. There are plenty of workable solutions to improve the chances of selling your home.

Clean Up

This may seem obvious but it’s important to hoover away any hairs, clean any marks on windows, repair any chew or scratch marks, and spray away that cat or dog-smell. Scented carpet cleaner will work wonders! Although owners can become accustomed to the smell of their pet, a buyer may be allergic or have asthma. Therefore, it could be off-putting to potential buyers. Additionally, don’t forget about your garden. Poop-scoop and tidy up the garden spaces. It is often the first impression a buyer has of your home. Gardens are in demand, so you want yours to look its best.


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When photographing your home, the Watermans team will ensure that there is no visible evidence of a pet in the photos. Avoid a pet photo bomb by removing beds, litter trays, bowls, and toys. The home will look more appealing to potential buyers. Property photos and videos are an essential marketing tool that Watermans Legal use for selling your home.

Pet Day Out

As cute as your pet may be, having them around during viewings is not always an advantage when selling a property. If possible, take your pet on a walk or find a friend to pet-sit during viewings. Having frequent strangers in the house can be stressful for a pet. For smaller caged animals, a fresh clean out will do just fine!

By following these steps your home will be snapped up in no time! We love our pets, and the property market trends show just how much. Many people are moving to larger homes with plenty of garden space to home their animals or in the hopes to have one someday.

At Watermans, our Estate Agency team can advise on the best presentation of your home for sale. We can also organise professional photography and free HD virtual property viewings to show off your property to potential buyers. It is a seller’s market right now, so take advantage of the Scottish property market boom! For more information, contact our team using the form below, or on 0131 555 7055.

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