Is Alan Entitled to Compensation for his Workplace Injury?

There’s never a dull moment in Two Doors Down, whether it’s a boozy house party or a BBQ celebration featuring some Spanish ham, sorry, “Hammon”.

Wednesday night’s episode saw the aftermath of some of the usual chaos. Alan, played by Scottish professional wrestler and actor Grado, had been in an accident. While his long-suffering girlfriend Michelle, played by Joy McAvoy, popped out to get some messages, the neighbours gathered to look after him/get the low-down. What actually landed Alan in the toe to… em let’s just say “top of the leg”, surgical boot?

An accident in the workplace, that’s what! Alan tells the gang how he fell off scaffolding at work and broke his leg in two places, tore his ligaments, the bone penetrated the skin – the WORKS. One of the neighbours asks if he can claim and Alan says no, he believes it was his own fault because he answered his phone, causing him to be distracted and as a result fall. However, he then revealed it was his work who phoned him, knowing he was on a site visit and up the scaffolding. He had ignored previous calls, but they kept ringing.

We asked Susanne McGraw, Head of Personal Injury at Watermans, if Alan does in fact have a claim against his workplace.

Susanne said

“He probably does…

Scaffolding is there in part to protect the worker so it will obviously depend on the circumstances. The scaffolding needs to be put up making sure that the boards are safe, there are no gaps, and there must be sufficient barriers to stop someone from falling. Plus, the ladders need to be of a proper material so they don’t slip if they are outside and there are flaps in the boards that are open to allow access to stairs, but they need to be closed when not being used. However, we would obviously have to investigate.”

If Alan were to decide to take his case further, he could be entitled to compensation for any of the following –

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Medical treatment
  • Assistance from family members

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