Five things to ask your lawyer during divorce day

The first working Monday after the festive period has been famously dubbed ‘Divorce Day,’ thanks to the soaring number of couples who
break up after the holidays.

Family lawyers regularly see a surge in divorce enquiries around this time of year, with financial pressures and family tensions over
Christmas often being blamed.

Our family law experts can offer confidential advice to those considering a divorce, providing helpful information on finances, what
could happen to the family home, and much more.

Donald Wright, solicitor at Watermans, says

“It’s strictly confidential so some people may just want to have a talk and they never come back again.”

“I have over 30 years experience so there are not many problems that I haven’t dealt with.

“I have experience in dealing with all kinds of situations that come up, whether it’s local, national or international.

“We’ve got a team of four lawyers here so we’re ready to help.”

Here we’ve provided five questions on what to ask your lawyer on Divorce Day.

What will happen to the family house?

An experienced family lawyer can provide you with advice before divorce proceedings start on what may happen to the family home after a

They can help couples who no longer want to be together but still wish to protect their home and assets.

What happens to the finances?

Divorce lawyers can help when a marriage or Civil Partnership breaks down and any assets, financial or otherwise, have to be divided between the two

Many factors are taken into account when deciding who receives which assets, and there are numerous options available to divide these
assets successfully.

What about the children?

Co-parenting can be a tricky subject if a marriage breaks down and the two parties involved no longer wish to communicate.

Hiring a divorce lawyer can help ease the stress of co-parenting and contact decisions, as a third party involvement means parents
don’t have to communicate in person if they don’t wish to.

We have experts in handling complicated cases and providing sensitive support for your children.

How do I actually get divorced?

Our team of family lawyers can help to guide you through every aspect of the divorce and we will happily answer any questions that you
may have about the process.

Although divorces can be complex, our solicitors are highly skilled when it comes to the entire divorce process and we can guide clients
through this.

What if we can’t agree? What happens next?

Divorces can be highly-pressured, so if there’s conflict involved it’s important to ask your lawyer the best advice on coming to a resolution.