Cycling Accident Claims – worth pursuing?

Cycling is growing in popularity all the time – especially in bigger congested cities where it can be a much easier and quicker way to get from A to B. Not to mention healthier!

But taking the road on two wheels is, of course, not without risks. Each year in the UK alone, nearly 2000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured; reckless drivers are the chief culprits in the majority of cases. In fact, whether it’s down to thoughtless driving or simple bad luck, even the most alert and safety-conscious cyclist can stand a chance of getting into bother at some time or another.

So what if the worst happens and you do have an accident on your bike (which you believe to have been no fault of your own) that’s left you injured? Well, providing you have witnesses, you were wearing the standard safety gear, your bike was not faulty and you weren’t breaking any rules of the road, making a compensation claim may be worth pursuing. A claim is assessed in two main ways.

The first and most obvious reason to claim is pain and suffering caused by the accident plus any ways the injury has or will prevent you from leading your life – from general mobility to your ability to do other physical activity (whether that be work-related or not, i.e sports or hobbies). Of course, if your injury is so bad you have to give up a job, it will add significant weight to your claim.

The second important reason to claim is financial losses suffered and any expenses you’ve had to meet or will have to meet as a result of your accident. This includes:

  • Loss of earnings
  • The cost of getting to and from medical appointments/hospital
  • Care and/or assistance costs (even if it’s provided by friends or relatives)
  • Any medical aids required day-to-day

Finally, the big question: how much can you expect to receive for a cycling-related compensation claim? Well, as you might expect, it all depends on the nature of the accident and injury. But with a good claim, it’s not uncommon for compensation to run into many thousands of pounds.