Claiming for food poisoning after a holiday abroad

There’s nothing more devastating than splurging
on a dream holiday, counting down the days until take off and indulging in
delicious foreign foods, only to be struck down with horrific food poisoning.

As many of us will have experiences at
least once in our lives, getting an outbreak of food poisoning while holidaying
abroad can turn what’s meant to be an enjoyable time away into a real

If you have sustained an injury or illness that wasn’t your fault whilst on holiday, you may be able to claim compensation through our firm.

How do I claim if I’ve had food poisoning abroad?

Although the prospect of making a claim for an incident which happened abroad can be overwhelming, it’s important you do so to be reimbursed for the holiday which didn’t go to plan and to secure vital funding to support you through any recovery period.

If you’ve been left stricken in bed on what was supposed to be a fun day surfing or on the beach, or missed time off from work and lost earnings as a result of the illness, you’re more than likely entitled to a claim.

We will act for you on a “No Win,
No Fee” basis meaning that we will never ask you to pay a fee to us for our
service. Even if your case is unsuccessful, we would not look for you to pay
the defender’s costs – we would meet these for you.

Here are some tips on ensuring you
achieve a successful claim with us

  • Inform the venue
    that you think is responsible know as soon as possible.
  • Speak to a doctor
    if you can, especially if you’re older, have existing health issues or the
    person affected is a young child.
  • Get proof of
    diagnosis. The majority of claims boil down to proof, keep a record of medical
    notes, medication receipts and anything that you think can back your claim.
  • Contact your travel
    insurer and find out how they can help.
  • Notify the hotel or
    resort if you believe it’s where you got food poisoning.

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